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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

I'm no longer sure of all that's been going on since Sunday evening - I just haven't seemed to have the time to post, though I should have.

Sunday's show was extremely nice - despite all the people exhausted from Pride, and the quite notable lack of princesskiti22, we had a good turnout, and a very energetic crowd.

I'm not going to list a lot of people, but sparkle_journal would be sad if not mentioned, and it had been a long time since I'd seen the ever-lovely candiddani. As I remember, I got started close to on time (at least, no more than an hour late. Boy, that night is kinda fuzzy), and ran about 7 rotations before closing at around 2:00am.

Sadly, with all that, bar income was still down 30%.

Afterwards, I went to Denny's with timenchanter and Brad, who's recently been mentioned in Timmie's journal. They mostly necked while I stared at my phone, researching jorgitoelcubano's complaints about the spelling of Quando, Quando, Quando. Why yes, I am a nerd.

And "Quando," as it turns out, while bad Spanish, is perfectly good Italian.

They headed off to Brad's place, and I went home, and got at least some sleep.

Monday afternoon was sorta productive. I dropped off the suit I'd worn on Saturday for cleaning, had my tires re-torqued, grabbed enough cash to pay rent, then had a leisurely dinner at Chevy's. There I discovered that some recent update to my laptop unbroke pykaraoke, so I can now audit/play songs on the laptop. I played around with that, and the *nix disc reading process, which is not precisely straightforward.

Then back home for a bit, where I futzed around some, grabbed a fresh shirt for Timmie, then headed off to the bar. The idea was that if I got there at 7:00pm, I could scan in and process the new discs before people arrived.

That almost worked. Actually, it worked fine. Except the program I'm now using simply overwrites files that are already present, and while scanning in the new SFP-012, I dyslexically told it to scan to SFP-021.

That being the disc that holds the Buffy songs. I didn't realize my mistake until I'd duplicated the situation on the backup drive, thereby erasing all copies of the Buffy songs.

So, at around 7:55pm, I climbed in my car and rushed back to the Duplex to grab the Buffy disc, then rushed back and rescanned both SFPs. Which delayed the start of the show by 15 minutes or so, despite having a reasonable number of people that wanted to sing. Running other programs while reading a disc is supposed to be perfectly fine, but in practice, results in a much larger number of artifacts.

For part of the evening, it was actually fairly busy. For a Monday. I had a couple of 9 person rotations, but we still ran for 12 of them before closing at 2:00am. More significantly, bar income was down nearly 50%.

So yeah, not a particularly profitable weekend. But at least it was a good time.

foxypinkninja sang three songs on Monday, and I believe the same number Sunday. It always cheers me up to be making a new addict.

Afterwards, I had supper at the Mini, then headed home to nap in my chair until 8:00am, when I walked next door to pay rent. That's about the only reliable time to find the landlord.

Then actual, full sleep in my bed until about 2:00pm. At which time I started back in on the project I haven't mentioned so far. Last Thursday, I wrote a little program that merges groups of files, based on a byte by byte majority rule, in an attempt to reduce scanning artifacts.

Well, last year, I mentioned that I needed to work on a program to help recover tracks from SC-8199, of which I have two copies, each with different pieces of the metalization missing. Sunday, before the start of the show, I scanned in both copies several times (on the theory that the "clear" sections would tend to give different results each time), and started up the rather slow process. I also did the same thing Monday with slightly different conditions.

And Tuesday afternoon, I checked the results in detail. As in played 30 four minute tracks while staring intently at the screen, taking notes, picked the best resulting files, searched around for source tracks that didn't have the artifacts that remained, played somewhat unsuccessfully with transferring the data from the good tracks to the bad ones, then realized it was getting late.

So I got cleaned up and dressed, fielded a call from my mom, because I'd apparently said I'd come up Tuesday, which I'd forgotten, put some gas in the car, and zoomed up to Berkeley, where I spent a very pleasant evening with raven2000.

We had a good Ethiopian dinner at Café Colucci, and then she gave me a scenic driving tour of Berkeley, parts of Oakland, bits of Hayward, and almost portions of Walnut Creek. It was a lot of fun, and not only because it showed I wasn't the only geographically disabled person on the face of the planet.

In her defense, I got there for dinner about the time she'd normally go to bed. And we were having a good conversation, which can get rather distracting.

Anyway, I got back home around midnight, caught up with all that had happened on LJ since I'd been gone, and have been working on this post ever since.

Oh - I also finally have the Process Color book I ordered back in May. I checked the mail before heading out, and was idly wondering if it would actually arrive or not, when I realized I was standing on it. The UPS guy had put it under the doormat...

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We were NOT necking. He doesn't go in for that sort of thing in public. Granted, me being me, I was pushing his comfort zone. Still...we didn't even kiss. I just made googley eyes at him, flirted shamelessly and made him blush. That's not necking. ;-)


I couldn't think of a descriptive word for "touched and stroked various parts of his anatomy while he looked both attracted and embarrassed."

Apart from, I dunno, "mortified"...

Re: Heh

Hahaha, that might work. Though you have a way of using words most people will find suggestive. While his arms and thighs are indeed part of his anatomy, it was over his clothing and completely decent.

Re: Heh

We were in a Denny's.

Of course, I honestly didn't know what you were stroking. I generally assumed you weren't being too obscene because, well, see line 1.

Re: Heh

Correct me if I'm mistaken that this word covers the interactions within Denny's and lj.

Re: Heh

In one of its senses, yes. However, that one can be taken negatively as well. It doesn't really matter.

Re: Heh

very broadly I see teasing as a form of communication which challenges the parties to seek a common understanding of reality. that's not always a welcome process.