Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I've been running around too much since Friday to post.

Friday afternoon was spent first picking up my dry cleaning for Saturday (yay), and then hanging around Costco for 2 hours waiting for them to get around to rotating and balancing my tires (woo). I now know Costco's inventory pretty damn well. They've got the wasabi peanuts back in stock...

Next time, I grab the laptop, and head for the Starbucks around the corner. I didn't realize it was there.

After that, a quick(ish) dinner at CPK, then off to the bar for lucydogstringer's birthday. That was a lot of fun. Even if I was overly nice about giving out my Mardi Gras beads...

Steven brought in quite a few people I've never seen before, which was quite cool - I believe a lot of them from his work. It was nice actually having a reasonably busy Friday there for a change.

I, of course, mostly spent the night talking - largely to foxypinkninja, this time.

At closing, there was a bit of an exodus to IHOP (though Steven never made it), where we met up with sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, and genuine_snark. "We," in this case being myself, Elly, timenchanter, supersniffles, maiandra, and celticnoor. I think that's everyone...

Then I went home, and got some sleep. I'd said something about being up early enough to go to Pride on Saturday, but I knew that was BS when I said it. Timmie and I got ourselves up, showered, suited up, and up to the City just in time for pjdorian and Dennis' wedding cruise.

An interesting experience. I ran into several people I sorta know, but mostly, the people I knew there were Timmie, Paul, and Dennis. And Paul and Dennis were rather too busy to hang out.

Still, exactly how bored can you get on a Bay cruise? The ceremony itself was beautiful, as we hung off the lighthouse at Treasure Island. Windy, but beautiful. A flight of birds passed over the ship, and winged into the sunset just as the vows were being said.

I ended up talking with a number of pretty young things, which is always fun. I even danced with a couple.

Well, to the extent that what I do can be called "dancing."

During part of the evening, I ended up enjoying the lights of the City as we floated by, and talking about landmarks with some guy. According to Timmie, he was hitting on me. Oh well. He got to experience the same level of luck that I have...

We docked at 10:00pm, hiked back to our car, changed into normal clothes in the parking lot, then went in search of parking near the Castro. I think we finally found a space around 11:00pm - it wasn't hugely far away, either.

We wandered down to the party, and immediately ran into snafflekid, electrichobbit, hogarthhughes, and Rick O. Who were all, of course, leaving.

Some wandering further down the street ran us into k_magic, spawrhawk, Brandon, and, uh, Kendall...

We wandered around with them for an hour or two, sorta aimlessly. Mikey was looking for a bar, and we were all vetoing bars with huge lines.

And all bars had huge lines.

So around 1:00am, Timmie and I headed back to the car, which had suddenly become perched on top of a vertical mountain. I mean, really, it wasn't that steep going down to the party. I didn't just lose my breath, I tweaked my right knee - so I'll be limping a lot at the show tonight.

But we did get back to the car, and we made it back out of the City (always a concern), ate at IHOP again (it was open, and the Mathilda Denny's was slammed), then came home and slept.

And that's pretty much it. Today's project was putting those Latin songs in the database, and I've managed one out of three discs (the easy one - half the songs are attributed to Luis Miguel). Now, I need to get myself clean, dressed, loaded up, fed, and to the show.

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