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Bruce [userpic]
Y Más

I just finished adding yet more songs to the collection - this time some "Latin songs of Romance." Yep, all Spanish, and all a pain in the ass - not because of the songs themselves, but because Music Maestro, when they put together the list, couldn't be bothered with artist attribution for most of them.

So I just finished several hours of (hopefully correct) research.

I'm going to be lazy, and not print out update sheets for tonight, because I have two more of these to go through, and I just don't feel like doing an update sheet per show. I mean, think of the poor trees.

So if you have an overwhelming urge to sing Luis Miguel, ask me about it.

The running total is now up to 13,029 tracks, and 9818 unique songs. I've definitely been playing catch-up versus those two years where I didn't buy a thing. When I ordered business cards last May, the phrase I included was "nearly 12,000 song tracks." A thousand tracks a year ain't too shabby...

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