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Last night was remarkable, in quite a number of ways, and was only sad in that it was princesskiti22's last day with us up here. It will be at least a year before she's forced to the realization that she can't live without us.

The completely unrelated annoying note for the evening was timenchanter finding the original Sennheiser order on the doorstep as he left the Duplex. Apparently ordering 3-day air meant waiting for 3 days, then shipping the part. So I now have an extra replacement case for the yellow mic, and will likely see a charge for it shortly. It's unfortunate that it doesn't fit the red mic...

On a happier note, we were just about slammed tonight. A very large, very boisterous crowd, with some people I see rarely (in at least part, I'm sure, to see Keri off), and quite a number I've never seen at all. It started with Wayne (who later appeared to be joined by friends). Actually, the evening started with myself, trivialt, and Wayne. I'm told Wayne's quite attractive. He certainly has a beautiful voice.

Matt H. brought in several people I haven't seen before.

Lindsy brought what appears to be a new romantic interest (at least, given all the making out), Jennifer, who also has an extremely nice voice.

Then there was Dimitri and Anna, this adorable couple of Russians. Well, technically, she's more in the "smokin' hot" category, than adorable, but adorable will do. They were fun, nice, did a lot of dancing (mostly of the go-go variety), and, um, drank like Russians. Hopefully I'll see more of them.

Come to think of it, I've got Anna's number...

Zena came in with Keri, and spent the evening looking not so much like she was going to pop out of her top as explode out. Hard to describe. I had no objections.

And Gia finally made it back in, and sang one of those damned Hannah Montana songs. She also did an awesome job of Natasha Bedingfield's These Words. Just amazing.

Trankenstein showed up at the very end of the evening, as Ruby for a change. For quite a change - the outfit wasn't half bad. Heck, the wig wasn't even scary.

Darko asked who I was going to replace Keri with, and when told I didn't have anyone in mind right now, seemed to get an idea. I suspect the idea is that he'd hostess, which will happen some time when pigs have wings, long tail-feathers, and sparkly purple complexions. He also kept trying to prompt me to play some dance music, which just isn't going to happen when I have a 27 person rotation. I'm not even too happy about doing that during a 5 person rotation.

So yeah, many many singers. I got started around 8:45pm, and mostly that late because I was showing Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers to Stan. The first rotation was a mere 10 people, but then it grew. I finished off the fourth one at about 1:50am, and then we started sweeping people out the door.

It took me until about 2:30am to finish packing up, get paid, divvy up the rather large tip take with Keri, pay her, and all that sort of stuff, and then I made my way to IHOP, where I joined lucydogstringer, supersniffles, and maiandra for post-festivity food and continued attempting to stay awake.

Then home, where I unloaded everything and went to sleep. And that's about it. I've been up for a little bit, and while tempted to go back to bed, probably won't - I have some things I need to do before Steven's birthday party tonight at the bar.

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