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Low-Key and Fun

My birthday itself was pretty damn good.  Slept, took care of some bills, got Mena home from school, took care of the fraud affidavit for my bad check...

That last was a positive thing, because it meant I ended up in a nice conversation with Ann at the local branch.  She's cute, fun, intelligent, great to talk to and, of course, happily married.  Can't have everything - but you can still have a good conversation.

Picked up timenchanter, and headed up to Alameda.  I didn't know if Stuart&Frida knew it was my birthday or not, and I wasn't really going to press the issue - I just wanted a pleasant visit.  Turns out they did - they had a banner up, one hell of a good cake (Chocolate with raspberry mousse), and a huge dinner spread even for Frida.  They had a guest over - someone Frida works with.  She had no idea, but it turned out he's gayer than a $3 bill, so we all got to watch him and Timmie flirting.

Just an all-around pleasant evening, much like all evenings up there.  Except this one included Sabrina insisting she needed to sing the birthday song.  Actually, a couple of them.  That kid has cute down pat.

Of course, reality hit on the way back.  I have a brand spanking-new speeding ticket from one of the more condescending highway patrolmen I've dealt with.  And while "She" is obviously packing up, somewhere in there all the power for my network got mucked up, and I had to go fix it to get both my access point and the cabling from that to the firewall to function.  I have no idea what happened there, and I'm just glad pieces aren't missing.

At least the speeding ticket means I can cancel that court date to get traffic school for my previous speeding ticket.  Silver lining, right?  Right?

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