Bruce (kor27) wrote,

In Which Events Occur

I'm not sure exactly when I left the apartment yesterday - early enough, at least. I got a new CD/DVD drive at Central Computers, cheerfully wandered the aisles of the Sunnyvale Fry's, got some raggedness trimmed at Supercuts, then came home to do some laundry.

Clean sheets are a good thing.

At around 7:30pm, raven2000 came down from the northern reaches, and we made our way to her mom's place. Said hi to her brother, talked a bit with her cousin Julia, got the cold shoulder from her sister - the usual stuff. Then we, her mom, and her mom's boyfriend climbed into a car and found a Chinese place - somewhere. Near the Alameda is all I know.

Decent meal, though one could tell her mom's experience with Chinese food isn't particularly extensive. She'd never seen beef with green beans before (too bad they didn't have long beans), and I hadn't had Egg Foo Yung since I was something like 12.

Then back to her mom's place, where we ended up watching The Devil Wears Prada. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit more the second time around. That might have been from watching this particular audience's reactions...

Well, that, and once again realizing how much Meryl Streep is a goddess of acting. She had the power-hungry, manipulative, self-absorbed, workaholic, bitch bit down.

Then home, and some napping, punctuated by fruitless attempts to find Voices from Macross Plus for foxypinkninja. There's a fair amount of Macross karaoke out there - just not that one. At least, not that I've been able to find.

Around 6:30am, I called Sennheiser again, since my part hadn't arrived, and hadn't even been charged to me. I got voicemail.

And went to bed.

This time I got a call back, at something like 11:00am. They had no record of the previous order, retook the order, waived shipping, and said they'd send it overnight. We'll see - at least there's a hold on my account for the correct amount.

Some futzing around until 2:00pm, then back to sleep - only to wake up at 5:10pm, and realize there was some stuff I needed to do before 6:00pm. Which, surprisingly got done. Nothing major - just dropping off my suits at the dry cleaners, and exchanging some mylar covers at Xpedx.

Then a most welcome shower, fresh clothes, and here to Chevy's, where they're still ironing out the kinks. It's funny - as I was waiting for a table, a couple walked out in a huff, apparently because they hadn't been taken care of in 20 minutes.

I, on the other hand, have had to beat helpful waiters and busboys off with a stick - much like last time.

From here, it's back to the apartment, and an evening of work. I still need to change out the DVD drive, and then I have four new discs to incorporate. I'm not really looking forward to that - three of them are Spanish, which wouldn't be so bad, except there's no artist attribution. So I'm going to have to search for artists, and then guess about the correct one.

I'm nearly guaranteed to be wrong on at least a couple, given I don't actually know the songs. Well, at least most of them.

The other disc is another giant compendium of 90 second TV themes. They're difficult, too, but only because I like listing the actual name of the song - and that's not what they put on the disc. I'll likely be doing research well into tomorrow.

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