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Bruce [userpic]

I just read this fascinating little article on anti-choice protesters receiving abortions.

It highlights something I've found fascinating - and enraging - about human behavior. A very peculiar kind of blindness where people seem to think that they're particularly special, and while no-one should ever be allowed to do a certain thing, it's OK when they do it.

Because their circumstances demanded it. Unlike everyone else.

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Cognitive Dissonance

Yeah. or to rephrase
My belief system doesn't include internal conflict as an option, nor the change and growth that results from facing it.
Reality has to be what I say, or what the people around me have demanded I say.
Data which do not fit the model must be discarded, for the model must be right.

But getting around this is hard even in cases where there is neither personal nor emotional involvement. See how Erickson and Ayars demonstrated that college physics students mostly did not reject an incorrect model.

I remember being told that after Millikan's oil drop experiment, grad students all over the country replicated his results - including the error in the 5th decimal place.

You know, I don't think it is cognitive dissonance, per se. I think it's a side effect of being a primate.

By nature, we tend to form small groups to which we belong, and view the rest of humanity as quite a bit less "real." It's a fairly short step from there to applying a harsh set of rules to "everyone," and a much more lenient set to "us."

And then, of course, getting furious when some jerk applies those rules to "us"...

There is actually a rather neat article on hypocrisy and hypocritical behavior in the current Newsweek.


There needs to be some public discussion of the subject. While politicians in general (as representatives of the population) have a tendency to be hypocrites, in the last few decades the GOP appears to have been the first political party to make hypocrisy a major part of their platform.