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Bruce [userpic]

So yeah, last night was very very odd. It started out normally enough - timenchanter and I went to the new local Chevy's for its opening day cruise.

Still a few rough spots to smooth down. Actually, it was very amusing. They were overstaffed, and with almost completely inexperienced people. The hostess got lost while leading us to our table, we got refill offers from scads of people every 5 minutes, our waiter took our drink order immediately, then disappeared for 10 minutes, and two managers asked us how we were doing.

The food was pretty good, though. And we never had to worry about running out of chips.

Then to the bar for the evening of weird. jorgitoelcubano and electrichobbit showed up around 11:00pm, and Jorge started putting in songs. This saved us from the Albanian gypsy music, for which I was grateful. The stuff wasn't that bad, but after several hours it got, well, wearing.

Mark put together a list of songs for me. The most evil yet, actually. I didn't even know I had a copy of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring in the catalog. Hell, I didn't even know that piece had lyrics, much less lyrics translated into English.

Yeah, I sucked.

Terry (she of the tranny persuasion, with the awesome Chevy) came in for a while, and sang, I think, four songs. One of them extremely well - now if I could only remember which one...

kizmet100 also showed up, and was quite a bit more adventurous than usual. I believe she only passed on two songs.

Then foxypinkninja decided to sing some, and acquitted herself well. I have a song I'm supposed to look for before Thursday, but I rather doubt I'll have any luck. It's another Japanese one, and I just haven't been able to find a good source for Japanese karaoke.

Yeah, I know. You'd think it would be easy to get.

And, lastly, lucydogstringer showed up, just to round things out. For a little bit, we had 7 people in the rotation. A very little bit. In the end, I did 12 rotations between 11:00pm and 2:00am.

The funny thing is that this was the most profitable Monday the bar's had in a while. Not hugely great, but at least Paula should have had a few bucks left over after expenses. And Jorge tipped me handsomely again.

I shut down relatively rapidly, then Timmie and I dropped by Denny's and said hi to April. Then we shared an order of their new potato chip nachos for supper, came home, and slept.

I've been up and down a little bit already today, but I just resigned myself to being awake. There is much to do, and who knows, I may even do some of it.

I spent a large part of the Darko music show last night writing myself notes on the present development project, so hopefully I'll get somewhere with that. Time will, as usual, tell.

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I had asked him to find Voices. It is a track from the movie (anime) Macross Plus. It is one of my favorite songs and I had done a personal translation of it so luckily I know the lyrics rather well. There is even an english verse in the origial japanese version. I hope he can find romaji version since my japanese is rusty but I could probably sing through it either way. But I definitely think I finally caught the karaoke bug and will be singing more often.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Actually, I've found several sources of Macross karaoke, just nothing with that particular song.

Except this very irritating video of a woman obviously singing along with a MIDI version - probably a .KAR with lyrics - which I can't find. The best I've been able to do is a non-karaoke MIDI version here. I even found, somewhere, a large library of Macross MIDI karaoke - with that song listed as specifically not present.

Of course, there are just a few legal implications if I were to play those, anyway...

There's a whole disc of songs by Fire Bomber from Macross 7: Karaoke Fire. Also, the Macross Maximum Box contains karaoke tracks from several of the versions - but actually nothing whatsoever from Macross Plus.

No they aren't common really , but i figured I asked since it would be easiest for me to sing along to romaji.

Elly says the gigolo song I sang that night needs to go in my envelope. Would have been there earlier but had one of my semi monthly "let's hang out" appointments with Cara.

Occasionally hanging out with Cara is a good thing.

I'll try to remember to write that one up for you.