Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun Times

After my last major post, I got home and, well, scanned and entered disc information. It's amazing how much time can be taken up cross-checking names, checking out inconsistencies as they show up, and just, well, trying to do a good job. Around 5:00am or so I'd finished entering everything, and slept some.

Around noon I woke back up and started auditing the songs. I don't have to play each and every song all the way through, but I need to check for potential duets and languages, and verify that the track on the disc is the same as the one listed on the packaging.

It isn't always.

Doing that for 79 tracks can take a while. In fact, it took all afternoon. And I'm looking at needing to do more, shortly. I decided to order more discs while the sale was on - mostly Spanish ones, this time. They aren't doing backorders for the sale (I assume they're trying to clear out inventory), so you never know how much of the order is going to arrive. This last shipment was 5 of 6 discs. It looks like the one coming likely tomorrow will be 4 of 5.

Anyway, that was my day, Sunday. I had just enough time to get cleaned up, grab some food at Panera, and rush off to the bar.

Dana and Julz were, for some reason, there, with their system set up. Apparently Julz had decided she wanted to sing, and got Paula to open up early, or something. I wondered for a bit if I'd been fired...

And was kinda irritated. They take down their damn speakers before Saturday, and I was hoping to make it through Sunday and Monday without them.

Ah well. Dana closed up their stuff in record time, and I was set up and ready to go by 8:00pm. Apart from a little fiddling around (mostly playing around with the key for a song Julz wanted to sing), I didn't have enough people to start until 8:40pm.

Then it got busy. Very busy, as a matter of fact. Not insane - it stayed relatively full until the end, and we only did 6 and a half rotations - but many people, and much partying, and a fair amount of consumption of alcohol. The bar (and therefore both princesskiti22 and I) did about 30% better than my expectations for a Sunday. We also did quite well in tips, I gather mostly due to the generosity of jorgitoelcubano.

Last night also saw the return of Colleen, who again did her bit for the bar bottom line. Speaking of which, I've gotten better at singing with a girl bent over and grinding me.

Though my breath control during Bad Touch kinda sucked.

We again had sparkle_journal and jackal_logic. This is becoming a regular Sunday occurrence. I like it.

We also had firestrike and Kimmi, though for the last time for a while. supersniffles is taking Matt back up to really hot country today. Keri obviously quite enjoyed having Matt there.

Speaking of Keri, the big shock for the night was having Devon at the bar - "Keri's Devon," so to speak. She never expected to see him at a gay bar, ever.

spawrhawk did another night of staying out of his cave, which I applaud. I had many other things I was going to say, but you know what? I won't.

Otherwise, many of the usual, and wonderful, suspects. Quite a few songs were sung off the new list, which is always gratifying.

Both I and, later, trivialt did A Complicated Song. His version was much better, if only because I kept giggling when I did it. Thought I'd gotten over that. Très unprofessional.

And much more. Keri left lipstick marks on just about every male in the bar, and a good part of the females.

Except me. I'm, uh, special... yeah...

So yeah. Busy night, much excitement, and definitely good times.

I closed down at 2:00am sharp, which was a shame - I had to cut off just before supersniffles's song. Keri and I were then there for another 40 minutes, while Paula figured out the night's income.

Then asked me if this was a good or bad night. Sometimes, that woman...

Keri headed off to Nate-o's, and I joined Matt, Cindi, Kimmi, and lucydogstringer at IHOP. The usual huge amounts of fun, even with a minor breakdown by Kimmi over some present drama.

Then home, where I largely fell into bed. And was able to sleep. It was actually cool last night. Hell, it's only 76° in my room right now. Sleep, as a matter of fact, has been the theme for today. I have a lot of that to catch up on.

The plan right now is to get myself a shower, have dinner at the new Chevy's that opens today over on Coleman, then hopefully have a suicide night that makes at least a minimal amount of money.

Tomorrow is mostly down time, though I'm hoping to work on some software. I also may have a dinner date, but that depends on scheduling.

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