Bruce (kor27) wrote,

High Life

I finally got myself up, dressed, and out the door around 1:45pm, and made it to the Dome around 2:15pm.

I hadn't gotten around to telling the parents that I wasn't staying for the evening, but they didn't seem to mind when I told them the reason. I hung around until about 4:30pm, then headed off to set up for the evening's party.

It's kind of interesting what goes through my mind in these cases. After all, I'd never met Mike before, and we hadn't even talked on the phone - everything had been arranged by email. I had odd thoughts of being mugged by a group of guys hanging around a random house.

Yes, I am capable of paranoia.

While all this was going on, GoogleMaps was leading me up into the ritzy area around the top of Yerba Buena, and eventually to what was, to all intents and purposes, a mansion. And not, like many of the places up there, a mansion inhabited by several families. This was all Mike's. Including the pool, the tennis court, and the basketball court.

Needless to say, I wasn't mugged.

He's apparently involved - I assume somewhere towards the top - in

I also wasn't the only entertainment. There were a couple of guys trying to be badass music DJs in the room next to mine, which made for some interesting conflicts. I say "trying to be" because, well... I can't quite say their song changes were trainwrecks, because they generally didn't try to mix them at all. A track would end, there'd be a few seconds of silence, then a new track would start. Which I could handle. The fact that they couldn't bring themselves to play a single. bloody. track. without adding a scratch effect, pause, or weird squeaking sound got on my nerves.

There was also a stand-up comic, of all things.

There was much Russian spoken. I gather most of the group is from Belarus. I can't complain about a bunch of attractive women with a sexy accent. At all. Of course, they were all there with their husbands and boyfriends, but still - nice.

After the usual 15 minutes of no reaction at all, I talked to Mike, and he pointed out several people that I could browbeat. I had one woman singing standards five minutes later, and then people started to join in. It never got to "rotation" level - people would just ask for a song, and I'd queue it up. Amazingly, I had every song they asked for.

I also, as far as I could tell, had every song the DJs next door were playing. That seemed odd, somehow.

I was there for longer than I expected, and also got paid a bit more than agreed. Works for me. He also said he'd like me back for future parties, and offered me some free website design. I really didn't expect that last part. And probably won't take advantage of it, since I've got a bad, bad case of NIH.

So I made a nice chunk of change, and got quite a bit of nice healthy exercise in the, um, pleasantly warm air. One downside to a huge house with terraced front steps and nice hardwood floors is that it isn't appropriate for dollies. So I had to carry everything by hand for quite a distance, including the Instrument Rack of Doom. Let's just say that I kinda smell right now.

I left there around 10:30pm, dropped by my bank to deposit the check, and then decided to grab liquids and some incidental food at the Cheesecake Factory, because it was nearby. I'd been hoping to drop by bluize's housewarming party, but I had a headache, and was kinda peopled out.

After a salad, and three glasses of iced tea, I'm not feeling so bad, but I think from here I'll head home and do some laundry. I don't have a single pair of pants that hasn't been soaked through.

Not to mention those 5 discs that need to be incorporated. And it seems like sleep might be a good idea at some point.

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