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Bruce [userpic]
Sooo... Hot...

I got princesskiti22 to hostess for me at The Swingin' Door last night. It was a little odd for both of us, since we were the only people we knew in the place - not too surprising, since I didn't exactly have a lot of time to get people to join us, and besides, most people already had Friday plans.

Like, y'know, flying to Boston an' such.

It was like working in a pressure cooker. The place does have a nice little patio, and they leave the door open to it. Unfortunately, the downstairs, where they do karaoke, is a long, thin room - and the karaoke is set up on the other end of that room from that door. I spent the night bathed in sweat.

I wasn't the only one.

Given that, we had a surprising number of customers, though I gather income was down from a normal Friday. We merely both made noticeably more than we usually do at KoC (on tips of $1. I really need to get myself a decent tip jar), as opposed to a great deal more.

I was later than I planned, which meant I wasn't set up until 9:15pm or so. But then, we didn't have any songs until after 9:30pm, anyway. Surprisingly, we actually got up to a rotation of 15 for a bit, and in fact only did 7 rotations before closing at about 1:40am. And that last rotation was just the two of us.

Met the owner, Warren, who on the whole seems a nice enough guy, if you never cross him in the slightest.

I had everything packed up and out of there by around 2:30am, and a mild headache I attributed to heat stroke. Keri headed off, possibly home to her swimming pool, and I made my way to the Mini, which has liquids and air conditioning.

A lot of iced tea, some soup, and a sandwich later, I was feeling much better, then crawled home to collapse. That was like 4:30am. I woke up at something like 11:40am, because it was 96° in my room.

And now I need to get up for the day, get to my parents for a bit, then do tonight's private party.

I'm hoping against hope that the place tonight has air conditioning.

In other news, I just got another 5 discs in the mail. I'll hopefully have time to incorporate them before tomorrow's show.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: groggygroggy

Wait...they make tip jars better than Keri's jugs?

It's a mixed-age crowd, with some families, and a few frat boys added in.

The boob tip thing would be a bad idea.