Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Best-Laid Plans

Last night's show was different, and on the whole, in an extremely good way. I was a little late, but got set up close to on time.

It was, I believe, a little after 9:00pm when I had enough singers to start.

In the meantime, however, I had my yearly visit from astroaztec. That was nice - I should learn the timing better, though. It's not like I don't have a pile of used keyboards waiting for him at home...

The first rotation was something like 5 people. But then it picked up. And picked up. And then it got busy. Many people. An amazing amount of Meatloaf (mostly justnate's fault, though I did enable him by giving Paradise by the Dashboard Light to supersniffles).

So yeah, lots of people. Rare ones included k_turns_blue and Bennie. Extremely rare ones included firestrike. We had an adorable lesbian couple (Patti and Mo) that will hopefully be back. They seemed pretty nice, and sang rather well.

candiddani showed up and broke in Last Name. twitchet did Baby Got Back. There was a fair amount of dancing, and one of the memorable points, for me, was princesskiti22 standing on top of the booths, swaying and singing Ballroom Blitz.

What with the slightly slow start, and attrition, I managed to get about 5 and a half rotations into the evening before closing just after 2:00am. Then timenchanter, Cindi, Matt, Megs, Kimmi, and I had some IHOP, before heading home to sleeeeep.

Not that I slept all that well, because even then, as dawn was breaking, it was fucking hot in my room. Fortunately, I can get some rest at 95° if I put my mind to it.

I actually got up and dressed around 4:00pm, and went out to gather materials for more books. The idea was simple: I have that party tomorrow evening, it would be good to get the database upgrades I need, and make some of the new set of books, this time with separate volumes for the list by song and the list by artist.

I didn't have anything else to do today, after all. So I got some paper and bindings ($99 dollars worth...), got some quarters at my bank for laundry, and filled my gas tank before it hit Empty.

Of course, in the process I got a call from the guy who does Fridays at The Swingin Door, asking if I could do an emergency fill-in for him. Duh. So tonight's communing with the database gods will have to wait. I need to head up there in just a little over an hour.

So that's how my summer solstice is going.

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