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Bruce [userpic]
Well, That Was Sudden

I just got a call from the guy who does the regular Friday show for The Swingin Door in San Mateo. He's got car troubles, so I'm filling in for him tonight.

If anyone wants to join me there, I'll be doing a show from 9:00pm or so until 1:30am. It's an adorable little British Pub just by Bay Meadows.

The address is 106 E 25th Ave, San Mateo.

Current Location: Chili's
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Dude...I would so be there! Unfortunately, there are four small, but very important, people who would object strenuously. Not to mention two larger people that would fry me... lol

Have a good night, though!


Enjoy the small fry!

Re: Thanks!

I'm not quite sure "enjoy" is the right word. But the elder two are in bed for the night and the younger are sleeping at the moment. I might have an hour of quiet time if I'm lucky. hehehe