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Bruce [userpic]
Good and Not So Good

On the good side, I slept reasonably well last night.

That's always a positive thing, in my book.

It also looks like the missing fourth disc from Sunday's order is being shipped. Verifying that is always something of an art. They don't send any kind of notification. I deal with this, because they have low prices, don't charge shipping, and I somehow get their stuff through the USPS from Kentucky in about 2 days.

When they have the disc in stock. The art comes from the fact that they don't charge for a disc until they ship it. Monday, I noticed a hold on my account for the value of three of the discs (unfortunately, in this order, they're all the same price). Sure enough, this morning, the charge had gone through. So three discs shipped yesterday. Today I have a hold for the value of the remaining disc - so it will have shipped today.

It's like Minesweeper with bank accounts.

I've talked to Sennheiser, and I can order the parts for the yellow mic. Good. The prices aren't ridiculous. Good. I need to talk to the parts department in the morning, because they were closed when I called. Not so good. The cracked part is on backorder, anyway. Really not so good.

My first IRS installment payment was due Saturday. I got paperwork about it, and so expected the transaction to go through by Monday. Unfortunately, I didn't read all of the paperwork, because I need to mail in the first payment. Apparently it's because I didn't send in a separate $52 check for setting up the installment plan. Not, mind you, that they asked for one. So I get to mail in a check, which will arrive quite late. Not good at all.

But then, I'm having dinner tonight with princesskiti22. Which pretty much overbalances everything into squee territory...

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