Bruce (kor27) wrote,

And So It Goes

The night finished pretty much as it began. trivialt left around midnight, and a little while later lucydogstringer replaced him.

I closed right at 2:00am, I believe at the 17th rotation. And now I'm in the Mini, spending my profits for the evening.

Paula, on her side, lost money tonight. And the weekend ended quite a bit down - and after such a good start, too...

Meanwhile - I've ordered more discs. Four, in fact. It looks like 3 of them shipped today, and given my supplier, the 4th will probably be shipped Thursday. I just won't know which until the three arrive, though given Murphy, the song I got for princesskiti22 won't get here until after she leaves.

I also need to look into repairing the yellow mic - the bottom of the case is split. That's going to be one of tomorrow's major tasks. Mostly, it's a question of ordering the right part.

Otherwise, I find myself quite... bitchy. Dunno why, though sometimes the amount of work that it takes to make it through a Monday vs. the income made is pretty depressing.

More likely it's just a reflection of the happenings in the Collective. And my usual mass of insecurities...

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