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I almost slept in too much Sunday - in fact, I didn't make it to the stage as S.J. Pride until 5:10pm. Smash-Up Derby was supposed to go on 5:00pm.

Fortunately for me, they were also running late Saturday, so they didn't start until shortly after I got there. I stood with the small Collective contingent, and just soaked it up.

An excellent show, as always. And, after she shed the outer layers, Trixxie almost wasn't wearing too many clothes. A happy lech was I.

I ended up making the acquaintance of a domme during the show - I was standing in front of her, and she, like so many, assumed that cooperation meant I was a sub. Whatever. We talked, then she wandered away - with my phone number...

Then I wandered around Pride until just before 7:00pm, then got to the bar, and set up pretty much on time.

I think it was 9:30pm when we actually had some singers - but it picked up pretty well from there.

We actually ended up with a fairly good crowd. sparkle_journal and jackal_logic came back from last Sunday, which was awesome. We also had a new singer, Julia Marie, who was very good - and seemed pretty nice. Her friends, not necessarily so much.

At least I think they were her friends. timenchanter had trouble with them taking beers outside, repeatedly, then one of them toked up right outside the front door.

Also, lucydogstringer learned not to leave his wallet on the bar. It didn't go missing, but apparently a $100 did...

candiddani came out to sing after a long absence, wearing an extremely distracting top. I usually don't have trouble keeping my eyes on a girl's face - especially an attractive girl's face. I'll live.

We also had another visit from Rebecca, which is always quite pleasant.

So, some negatives, but on the whole quite a high energy, fun night.

But because of the whole misbehavior thing, Timmie decided we should shut down and kick out everybody at 2:00am sharp, so we closed down partway through the 6th rotation.

Timmie and I were out of there by about 2:30am, and just went straight home, in an attempt to get some sleep.

I was back up again at 7:00am, and both he and I were in our suits and driving to Redwood City by 8:45am. We were at the courthouse by 9:20am, only to wait around for my cousin and Vee until nearly 10:00am (they were supposed to be there at 9:30am). But whatever. The wedding party was us, them, and their friends Chris and Sam. Sam (I assume short for Samantha) is a very cute Kiwi, so we spent some time talking about NZ. Chris and Sam are planning to get married fairly soon.

This was my first experience as a witness to an American civil ceremony. 'Twas cool. So now my cousin's married.

Afterwards, they took Timmie and I out to lunch at Tamarine, for some extremely yummy food, champagne, and wine. Not to mention a really nice Madeira. I left quite toasty. Good thing Timmie was driving. I think...

Either way, we made it back home, and I climbed back into bed. I got back up and to the bar by about 8:00pm. No biggie - we didn't have any singers until about 9:00pm.

It's been relatively dead - even for a Monday. The average rotation's been about 4 people, including myself and Timmie. So far, the singers have been Harmony, trivialt, and Cindi. Harmony's gone home, so it's just us right now.

But I'm having a lot of fun giving people songs. I just survived Steven's list, and just started into a Stan one. Life may not be very profitable, but it's fine.

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