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Against all likelihoods, I not only got up on time yesterday, but got the car parked (and, oddly, had the parking paid for by jeffercine - thanks, Jeff!), and got myself stationed with the rest of the Collective in front of the stage on time.

Well, at least the members of the Collective that made it.

timenchanter was there on time, too, though barely.

Of course, the sound people were having a horrendous 60Hz hum problem, so everything was delayed by 20 minutes while they worked on that. Murphy strikes again!

And allowed more people to be there when Timmie got to sing. He was noticeably nervous, but got more into the song as he went, and did a fine job. The worst I can say is that, since they didn't have a windscreen on the mic, and he was holding it close to his mouth, his plosives (especially the Ps) were distractingly loud.

Mic condoms: Good for the mic, good for everyone's ears.

Afterward, I was starving, so I went and got myself some fairly nasty-looking Filipino food, only to discover that everyone else was going to Johnny Rockets. So I stashed the food in my car, and then tried to march fast enough to catch up with the others. I got there as most of them were getting their food, but whatever. I sat next to foxypinkninja, talked, ate, and made faces at Leila.

Then a wander looking for an ATM with Elly and snafflekid, and more of a wander through Pride. It was, as usual, mostly fun because of the company. The most interesting item for sale was a display of singing bowls. The most amusing time was watching a poor girl from HRC positively wilt under Elly's assertion that they'd left transgender issues out in the cold.

My car's parking was due to run out around 1:50pm, so I gathered up a Timmie, headed home, then dozed for about half an hour before heading up to the Dome. I did a few minor odd jobs around the place, had an excellent dinner, and a panicked call from Paula.

Apparently Wayne had been teaching a dance class yesterday afternoon, and the breaker to the DJ booth had blown three times. So I left the 'rents shortly after dinner, and rushed as fast as I could to the bar.

Which turned out to be not all that fast. There was a major accident on 85 just before the Moffett exit, and I hit the backup just after the Evelyn exit. Which meant I got to sit there for 20 minutes or so playing Solitaire.

Then to the bar, where I turned on as much as I could in the booth, cranked the volume, and had no problems whatsoever. At Wayne's suggestion, I moved the power for the stage amp and the mixer to a power strip, plugged the strip in somewhere easy to get to, and got an extension cord from Paula that I ran from a different circuit to next to where the power strip was plugged in.

That task mostly involved recoiling her extension cord. Positive Gordian knot, that thing was. And I couldn't apply the classic solution...

So, sweaty, dusty, and tired, I climbed in my car and rushed northward. Through large amounts of stop and go traffic. I never figured out why. There just seemed to be a huge number of people desperate to get to the City at 9:30pm on a Saturday.

It turned out raven2000 had an appointment, and wasn't really ready to be picked up until 10:30pm anyway.

In fact, we didn't make it through the line and into Bootie until after Smash-Up Derby's first song. But we got to see the others. Great stuff, as usual. Though Trixxie was definitely wearing far too many clothes.

Ran into cybrenn, was introduced to his friend Ashley (who I believe I've been introduced to at the bar before), and a couple of friends of his in from DC.

Wandered around a bit, had some soda, and mostly hung out on the balcony enjoying djmysteriousd's set and waiting for the midnight show. Which never materialized. Oh well.

She had yet another appointment coming up, so we drove back to her car, and I headed southward. Groggily.

I drove out through a parking lot entrance for the second time that night, and remembered to turn on my headlights when the streetlamps ran out.

For the second time that night.

We'll not even mention the poor taxi driver.

In any case, I didn't hit anyone, anything, or get pulled over. On the way home, I dropped by the bar for a bit to check on the power issues (there weren't any), and talk to Timmie. Then I crawled the rest of the way home, and fell into bed.


I'm about to do a little bit more of that, too. I need to get up insanely early tomorrow morning for my cousin's wedding, so I need to stock up on sleep a bit more before heading back out to Pride.

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