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Bruce [userpic]
Just Say No

Sleep largely eluded me.

I did manage to nod off for a bit, but was woken up by an email - it looks like I'll be filling in at the Swingin Door again, this time for four Fridays starting at the end of July.

Yay for exposure and income!

The email itself didn't wake me up, but responding to it took too much concentration, and it was impossible to get back to sleep.

I noticed kshandra was talking about going out for karaoke, and managed to convince her that maybe the KoC show would be a good idea, but then we thought of doing dinner first.

She suggested the Sushi Factory. I'd never been, and so heartily agreed.

As it turns out, all-you-can-eat sushi is a bad, bad, bad, BAD idea. Delicious, but simply wrong. Especially when you reach that last tray, are realizing that you're pretty full, and also realizing that you're not supposed to waste food while staring at massive amounts of unagi, avocado, and vinegared rice.

We bravely did what we could.

By the time we were through, we realized we were in no condition to do anything else, and simply went home.

And here I am. I'm too tired to think straight, and too full to lie down.

And, unfortunately, too groggy to be a proper friend to a very distraught timenchanter.

I feel like I'm gestating a bowling ball...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: tiredtired

You are always a good friend to me. Not necessarily in the ways that I might wish, but always a good friend. I will get through this, and in a fashion that will probably surprise even me. In no small part that will be due to the support that you, and a couple of others, have given me. I may not thank you often enough for your friendship, but I DO appreciate it.`

"Proper friend" was probably not the best way of putting it - but then I'm rather amazed how much that post resembles English...

I just felt that I could have done a bit better than sitting there making sympathetic noises.

But who knows...

Honestly, sometimes the "sympathetic noises" are the best that can be hoped for. Eventually one wants a critical analysis of one's behavior (well, at least if one is me), but at the beginning one simply wants vindication that ones actions can at least be construed as just.

Josh and I used to go to the Sushi factory all the time! We used to live off of Branham. Haven't been back since Josh's boyfriend (long story yet very funny) left. Now we are into Sato sushi. Very very good. pricy yet worth it. If you're interested some day let us know. :)

Mmmm. Sushi...

I haven't hung out with you guys in ages - what evenings are you free?

I'm not too sure. Summer just started for the both of us and this week is booked. What are you doing the week after?

Well, so far, both Tuesday and Friday are free.

I'll get back to you on that. Sounds good