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More Fun With Acer

My laptop is apparently more-or-less on its way back. Acer has arranged for shipping with FedEx - they just haven't actually handed them the box yet. I also received this response to my earlier email:

Dear Bruce Rogers,

Thank you for contacting Acer America.   The online support team can provide assistance for break/fix issues that can be handled via email. For assistance with this issue, please call the technical support line at 1-800-816-2237. Hours of operation for live support are from 7am-9pm CST Mon-Fri and 8am-5pm CST Sat & Sun, excluding holidays.

Karen Cavil
Acer America E-Mail Technical Support

I knew it was futile, but I couldn't help responding:

Thank you, Karen.

That was a particularly good piece of CYA.

Unfortunately, it also brings many of the serious problems with Acer support into sharp relief.

The phone menus spend a great deal of time trying to get people to use the web support.  The web support people point you at the phone number.  While the service request menus require an email account and a contact phone number, they are never used, even under unusual conditions (Such as when my repair was put "on hold" for several days).

I just spent 15 minutes on the phone waiting for a technician just so I could find out if my machine had shipped or not, and to get the tracking number.  That's 15 minutes of my time wasted, and 15 minutes of 800 number cost on Acer's side, wasted, simply because it's too much trouble to email the customer when a repair ships out.

When I finally got in contact with a repair center supervisor last week, I was chastised for not properly diagnosing the problem with my system, then for not phoning them immediately about damage during shipping, despite the quite obvious fact that the damage occurred before the shipper even got their hands on the product.  Things are apparently so bad that it's now my job to diagnose problems created in the repair facility.

It is quite apparent that Acer support is riddled with such a huge amount of finger-pointing that it's very difficult to actually get anything done.  I'm sure what happened to my laptop is that some underpaid kid rounding a corner too fast with a pile of laptops dropped one, and given the atmosphere of the repair center, quietly tucked it away rather than owning up to the problem.  It just fits too well with the whole experience.

Now, I realize that this is "not your problem".  In fact, this whole experience is quite obviously not anyone's problem at Acer support.  I sent the original letter to the sales division, in the distant hope that it would eventually filter up to someone who mattered.  I copied the letter to the support email for the same reason, but with lower hopes.  I don't expect much out of this response either - heck, I don't particularly expect my laptop to work when I get it back later this week - but I'd appreciate it very much if you'd pass it up to the next level of management, so they, in turn, can ignore it in their own way.

Beware of geeks with too much time on their hands...

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