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Bruce [userpic]
And Here We Are

Welp, I was pretty much set up on time this evening.

I've put together a list of songs for timenchanter to sing, so I'm largely prepared to start whenever.

Timmie's reading his book, and I'm playing all of my longer videos.

The question now is whether anyone will show up...

Current Location: KoC
Mood: calmcalm

You got every last drop out of me last night. Sorry. ;-)

And here I thought that it was Matt working on wringing wetness out...

Sorry, Bruce. The Button and I had to beat feet for Sacramento this afternoon. On the plus-side, we just got back from seeing Iron Man.

And anyway, I'm not sure that I could top last night's hilarity

No worries - I figured as much.

And topping last night would be difficult - though I do have a couple making out on the couch in the pool room right now.

So far, clothes have mostly stayed on...

God, son of a b%^h. Yeah men suck. I know now why they called our early military minutemen. (Yes I know the real reason but I am sure you know why I am saying this Brucie.)

Bitter Much?

If he sucked properly, one wouldn't have to worry about how long he lasted...

Re: Bitter Much?

I don't do that with someone for a one night stand. God I have issues letting someone I love doing it. >.


Well, on a serious note for a change, sorry to hear it was an unsatisfactory encounter.

Re: Bitter Much?

Oh god I kicked him out as soon as the taxi came. I called right after i washed up. He wanted me to cook him breakfast on top of it all. (My ranting is almost complete)

Re: Bitter Much?

Yeah, just a tad presumptuous there...

Re: Bitter Much?

Ok I am going to right a rule book for me dating/having sex. I will post it whenever I get around to it. I am sure it will me quite funny but on the mark for my experiences.