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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Up and Down

Since I went to bed "early" Wednesday night, I was up "early" Thursday. Not particularly productive, but up.

Another day of nothing done. Well, almost nothing. I've been seeing odd little DNS problems ever since we moved here - all sorts of "server doesn't exist" errors followed by a successful reload.

So after accidentally running across it, I pointed the router's DNS at OpenDNS, just to see if there was any improvement. So far, it's been considerably more reliable.


"Early" or not, I didn't get out of the house until about 6:30pm. I grabbed some food at Panera, then got myself to the bar, and set up on time.

Typically, at that point the singers were myself and Harmony. But then princesskiti22 showed up, and I decided to start with the three of us. That was around 8:50pm.

The first rotation was us three. The second looked like it was going to be, but grew to 19 people long, instead.

It actually became a relatively busy night, with a very fun attitude. Far from crowded, but definitely busy. The bartenders bluize, then timenchanter were actually running around at least part of the time. If Paula didn't make a decent amount of money last night, we might as well all hang it up...

Not gonna list people, though I will mention that Sara's friends Laren and Monica spent most of the night, and Laren even got backed into singing again. Twice in one week - we'll get her hooked, yet.

And it was the first time I've seen candiddani at the bar in a long time.

electrichobbit spent the early part of the evening progressively unbuttoning Keri's shirt, until she spent at least half the evening with it fully open. I still don't know why I never grabbed my camera.

We had a whole "misheard" lyrics thing going on, which was quite entertaining - at least to Keri and myself.

Of course, with a mind like mine, it's fairly easy to jump from "Why does the color of my coffee match your eyes" to "Why does the color of my carpet match your drapes"...

The rotations grew slowly shorter, to the point that I was able to fit 7 into the evening, ending at 1:55am.

After a fairly uneventful shutdown, Timmie, Keri, and Nate-o went off to Nate-o's place, I believe to play Wii. supersniffles and I made our way to IHOP, instead, and a pleasant, low-key time.

Then I came home, and did the usual unload, set up, and go to sleep bits.

I don't quite feel like I've slept enough, which might be connected to the very restless dreams I sorta remember having. So my present excuse for not doing anything is "I'm going back to bed."

Ya know, like always.

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Yes, yes it is.

And you were flitting quite attractively last night, too! ;-)

Well, you are a very attractive woman, m'dear. You should be used to it by now. :-D

Gay men and boobs. And to think of all those poor teenagers going "I'm not gay! I like boobs!"


That's... different.

I especially like the Mets and McDonald's symbols at the entrance to America Land.

Re: Wow

there is a Starbucks logo too!

Re: Wow

How did I miss that? Right next to the Throne'O'God, too!