Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Monday's show, well, continued on - in the end, for a total of 16 rotations.

As I've sorta mentioned, Sara showed back up, sang a few songs, and got some friends to drop by too.

Despite all that, sales were pretty anemic. I suspect there might be a connection to why timenchanter suddenly wanted to sing You Oughta Know...

Ah well. 'Twas fun - for me, at least.

There was a Denny's run afterwards, consisting of myself, Timmie, electrichobbit, and Elly. Also much, much fun.

Then home, where I did my best to vote conscientiously, followed by a quick run to the registrar's office to drop off my ballot.

The vast majority of Tuesday's diurnal period was devoted to sleep. Mmmmm... sleep...

I got myself up and out of the house by around 7:00pm, and headed up to the City. There were some beautiful sights on the way - the wind from the coast was pretty impressive, trees were whipping around, and streamers of fog were galloping across the highway.

Then a few hours hanging out with raven2000, including a quite enjoyable time at the Fog City Diner. I've gotta stop ordering desserts...

And she's right. I should probably create a (shudder) MySpace page for the karaoke business. But not until after I've finished working on the Craigslist and AdWords campaigns - which will happen tonight, because I'm totally focussed on - Oooh, shiny!

I was home by around 11:00pm or so, and then pretty much just wasted time until I fell asleep at 5:00am.

Speaking of which...

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