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Bruce [userpic]
Oh Dear

There's something just a tad daunting about a cute thing that's been drinking for a while, reads my t-shirt ("I only date crack whores"), and says "Hey! That's me! Right on!"

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Mood: amusedamused


wow...that really is an "oh dear...."

Yeah, well, it's actually worse than that.

Before she disappeared last year, she left me a note I still have - a proposal of marriage...

Look on the bright side. You get to skip all that pesky "getting to know you" stuff, and jump right into the "supportive rehab" part of life!

That's pretty much why I ended up with the shirt in the first place...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh honey, you were never all that big on crack, and I still dated you!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, I'm a pretty sweet guy.

Ah so that's what your shirt said last night. I never got around to reading it.

Is there any chance of language barrier here?
In Irish pubs "crack" is the conversation, the camaraderie.

Rather doubtful. While I can't precisely figure out her ancestry (though it ain't Irish), her accent is pure American.

I also suspected that was how she'd react...