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Moon Phase

December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
All Directions at Once

timenchanter appears to be doing his best to make sure I'm a little dizzy tonight.

But hell, it is suicide night...

I'm not really up for my usual blow-by-blow whatchamacallit. Last night was a blast - one of the first busy Sundays we've had in month or so. A very light-hearted mood for the length of the evening.

We had quite a group, including blankreloaded (who I had to rouse out of bed to drive him there), Hex, jeffercine, Matt H, trivialt, and "Jeopardy," a new singer that stayed all night.

A very good singer, and a lot of fun.

We also had Kari and Melann, a couple of very good singers. Dunno what they thought. They stuck around for a song each, then took off.

Anyway, 7 rotations, 8:30pm to 1:45am, and an excellent time.

Apart from participating in a flame war of sorts, not much happened today. Well, apart from suddenly realizing there's an election tomorrow that I haven't prepared for.


Tonight's shaping up nicely. For a Monday. I mean, we are just finishing off the 7th round, and I didn't start until 9:00pm.

But electrichobbit is here, we've had some moahb, there's a spawrhawk, supersniffles, Harmony, and some others.

Besides, that one girl is back - the one whose name I think is Sarah. Definitely easy on the eyes...

Shallow? Well, at least part of the time...

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Mood: drunktipsy

Tomorrow! Oh shit! I haven't mailed my ballot!

Yeah - which is why I'll be dropping mine off at the registrar of voter's drop box...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Maybe that's why they left - of course, they also showed up right at the beginning of an hour and a half-long rotation.

So it's Milann? I could not read her handwriting, and it looked for all the world like she wrote Melanie. Then there was some stuff back and forth on the mic about that being wrong, and how she was "used to it."

So of course I'm up there worried that I've offended her, then they immediately take off...