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Bruce [userpic]

One of the disadvantages of staying up past 8:00am is that I stop being all that tired.

The "dozing in the chair" bit probably has a bit to do with that, as well.

But mission accomplished - the rent has been paid.

Now the thing is getting me detached from this laptop, and into bed. It's going to take some effort.

Meanwhile, I've checked into the effects of my Google Adwords campaign. I can't say I had the best ad in the world, but so far, it's been shown 426 times.

And been clicked on 0 of those times.

Not the best click-through rate, there. Obviously, needs more work of some form. It's just the whole mystery of figuring out what.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

I may or may not post the photo I got at the birthday party yesterday. It's a pile of 1st and 2nd grade girls pouring over the karaoke catalog at Boardwalk Bowl. I believe they were looking for the Hannah Montana entries, but they found none and settled for what they called "old" songs.

Are you prepared to answer the inquiry which asks if you can provide that sort of service?


Not only do I now have 8 Hannah Montana songs, I've been backed into singing "The Best of Both Worlds" twice.

The irritating bit being that the person who complained about the lack of Hannah Montana songs knows I have them, but hasn't showed back up to sing them...

What I don't have is the recently released Miley Cyrus disc. I'll probably eventually get it, but it's not too high on the priority list.

Re: Heh

I think the relevant question is whether you can tolerate multiple repeat performances by precious little girls who are acting way above their age, and perhaps whether you can gently direct them into occasional other realms to broaden their perspective and relieve you from monotony.

Re: Heh

Of course I can. They'll likely get bored of the song before I do.

I've worked in "classic" karaoke settings. I know "My Way" by heart.

Not to mention "I Will Survive" and "Summer Nights"...