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Bruce [userpic]
What Dreams May

Just a few things - I mean, it hasn't been a full day since my last post.

First of all, a couple of people asked yesterday if I'd been losing weight - specifically, my dad and jeffercine. Last I'd measured, I actually had (a bit), so I said "yes."

Today I made the mistake of following that up.


I suspect it's an effect I've seen before. My beard was nuked to near nothing last week - and apparently, that makes me look marginally thinner...

Today I finally slept to the point that I actually woke up during a dream - and an amusing one it was. Nuttin' like a professional nightmare. I was at the bar, trying to line up the next few singers, but I couldn't find their slips, the numbers were gibberish, I couldn't find the songs in the songbook, when I could, somehow it was written on a piece of paper I accidentally submerged in a sea of other pieces of paper.

Meanwhile, bluize demonstrated that she'd added her own system over at the bar, and was overriding my signal.

It was both nerve-wracking and funny. I mean, everything was going wrong, but c'mon: A tense karaoke dream? Really?

Out in the real world, it's another day of us not being able to pay our rent on time. The landlord's not home, and from the state of his mailbox, hasn't been for quite some time.

On the other hand, he's pretty reasonable, so this shouldn't be much of a problem. timenchanter's napping at home, but I'll probably drop back there before the bar, try again, and leave a voicemail if Timmie hasn't already done so.

The present plan is that I'll get back into developing the whole advertising thing tomorrow. I'd like to at least get that to a stable state - the following item on my checklist is necessary before I print new books, and the present set is starting to fall apart.

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