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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Apart from the whole "trying to figure out AdWords" thing - which will be continuing for a while - I mostly slept during the day Thursday.

I finally dragged myself out of the place around 6:20pm or so, and met kshandra at the Oakridge CPK for some food, conversation, and attempted spoon restoration.

I ate waaaaay too much, largely, of course, because I hadn't had anything since gorging on timenchanter's spaghetti the previous evening.

I also left later than I should - mostly because I'd gotten there later than I should. I didn't get to the bar until 8:15pm. It was kinda dead right then (princesskiti22 was the only singer there), but filled up as I prepped. And it took me longer to prep than usual.

Julz and Dana had used the whiteboard Wednesday night. This is a good thing. What was not so good is that the marker Paula had given them was a permanent one, not a dry erase one. It took about half an hour of scrubbing (with two shots of vodka) to get the thing usable. Not great, but usable.

It's always when I'm late that the bizarre delays show up.

So I wasn't really ready to go until 9:30pm. At that point, I had 7 singers lined up, and more ready to go.

An interesting night. Most of the regulars were off playing their double header, but we actually had a fair number of singers (though apparently not that many drinkers - the bar didn't do badly, but it didn't exactly do well, either).

The relatively unusual ones were Albert, an hour or so of lizzstar (whom I've quite missed), the return of Don, Rusty, and Lou, a birthday party that included Danny and Osvy, and h20crazyguy.

But also quite a number of others. The rotation generally hovered around 18.

I managed to fit in about 6 rounds before closing at 2:00am sharp. Definitely a fun night.

bluize had apparently complained to Keri that she was always saying the same thing, so Keri decided to try different adjectives every round - and even kept checking a thesaurus for new ones.

My only complaint is that one shouldn't keep on calling me "beddable edible Brucie" unless one means it.

Especially when wearing that miniskirt.

I was closed down, and out of there by 2:30am, and only that late because Paula and I talked a bit.

Then off to meet Timmie at IHOP. I probably shouldn't have eaten, but he was hungry, and I like my post-show meals...

So I had their imitation crêpes Suzette. Which weren't bad, but still too much food.

On the other hand, trivialt called as he was heading home from Sex in the City, and detoured to join us, making for a very nice multi-hour party.

It was about 5:00am when I got home and unloaded. And now I really should get some sleep, but I'm a little too wired - and definitely too full...

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Did you try running a dry-erase marker over the permanent stuff first? (I had no idea that would work, either, but sure enough, it does....)

And thanks again for throwing food at the problem. Between the time with you and the call from firestrike after I got back in the car, I was feeling much better.

Nope - I did a lot of running a dry-erase marker over it second, though - in fact, off and on throughout the night. The original marker was on so thick you could see the height, and while the solvent in the dry-erase would eat into it, it would only do so well.

What I really need is some toluene...

The interesting part is that while the permanent marker dissolves OK with alcohol (though it does tend to dilute and set in somewhat), the remnants of dry-erase it was written over don't. It was those I spent the rest of the night working on.

I'll probably spend some more time scrubbing the thing Sunday.

You're most welcome, dear. It was much fun hanging out with you, spoons or no spoons.

One thing I find refreshing with you, by the way, is that from my experience, while you might be out of brain and patience, you generally do so after you've pretty much completely dealt with the situation...

I always liked xylene, but that was back in the days when observatories tended to have stockpiles of toxic organics instead of toxic electronics.

Xylene's good.

I forget precisely which horrendously dangerous organic solvent I used back when I worked at Versatec - it was something they used in producing the writing heads, and they had 55 gallon drums of the stuff.

I was recovering a used - but gigantic - whiteboard for my office.

The downside was that the lab and attached offices for my little group weren't very well ventilated. I was happily scrubbing away, and discovered that everyone else had vacated the area...

oh, right, here was another mysterious recent use of the word "spoon" in online media, the prior being here

I believe the original reference for this meaning of spoons is here. It's a PDF file, but I couldn't find a good HTML version.

Note that Kirsten doesn't have Lupus, but the principle applies in a wider fashion. Hence the phrase "out of spoons," and related plays on words.

It's been a tough week for her.


The IHOP on first st is 24 hours??????


I don't know if that one is - I don't think so.

But the IHOP on Great America is.