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Bruce [userpic]
Craig Jacta Est

So I now have a Craigslist ad. Hopefully, it'll do better than my last one, which got zero (0) responses.

Part of my daily ritual is now gonna be reposting that ad...

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Mood: nervousnervous

Not a bad listing. I'm a little worried that it took me a couple minutes to find it. While I'm not the techno-wiz that you and some of our friends are, I'm better at net-searching than a lot of common folk I know. Is there a way (without extra cost) to get your ad to come up when you just type "karaoke" into the general search on craigslist. I had to go into it by bringing up the event services section. Like I said, for those that know what they're doing, that's fine. But stupid people's money spends just as well. ;-)

Sadly, no.

I'm required to put it under "services" - there's a rather strongly worded notice to that effect when you start the ad - and the default search is always in the "for sale" section.

Hrm...perhaps I should start reporting those other people that I saw that were obviously selling services, not products...

There's a flagging system for that.

erotic services......?

Just because it's the only section you know about doesn't mean that I'll be posting there.

They have other sections?????


No seriously, whattya selling?

Karaoke services, dear, karaoke services.

The only way I'd be able to sell my body was if I tried to do it by the pound - and even then, I probably wouldn't get much of a price...

I'm sure there is someone out there who will pay you big bucks to dance the macarena.....

Good luck with the KServices, sir.

I suspect they'd pay even BIGGER bucks to have me stop.

Thank you much, sir!