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Bruce [userpic]
Spreading the Info

I originally saw this posted in jeffercine's journal, but also in a comment to joedecker's post about the fact that even if this fall's amendment passes, it may not be found to be legal.

I did a little search on the number, and not only is it the governator's official number, but it's posted up in a number of conservative blog sites, so it's rather important to get your voice heard. So:

The office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is polling reaction to the California Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gay marriage.

To vote in support of the Supreme Court's decision on LGBT marriage:

  1. Call 916-445-2841

  2. Press 1 (for English) or 2 (for Spanish)

  3. Press 5 (for hot issue topics)

  4. Press 1 (same sex marriage)

  5. Press 1 (for support)

Please pass this information on to anyone you think might want to help support gay marriage.

Several people have reported trouble getting through to the number, but I just tried it, and in the middle of the night, it only took me two tries.

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