Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Le Slow

Monday's show, as such, didn't get started until 10:00pm, when Bekki walked in the door. She wanted to celebrate getting her BA in English.

So we started singing, just the three of us.

An older couple wandered in, played some pool, and left. A guy came in, looking for a male strip club, and decided to stay and hang out with timenchanter when we didn't know of any.

After a bit, Wayne (the more palatable side of Trankenstein) came in, and started singing. That at least made four of us, and only two I had to worry about suiciding.

trivialt showed up fairly late in the evening, for "just a song." Between the speed of the rotation and general hanging out, he got in three before leaving.

And that was the night. I ran for 13 rotations between 10:00pm and 2:00am. Then Bekki hung out, and I searched out and showed various clips, including both the old and modern "Springtime for Hitler." Still, we were all out of there by 2:40am.

It was a very good day for tits. Bekki flashed a couple of times. Her fiancé's a very lucky guy.

I had some supper by myself at IHOP, where I spent far more than I made for the evening.

Then home, and sleep.

Apart from a bit of wakefulness around 10:00am, I got up today around 2:30pm, and with my typical speed, left the house around 6:30pm. I got my beard trimmed (more like "nuked," actually), and had a long dinner at Red Robin.

And now I'm home. An exciting life lead I.

But at least it's had a satisfying level of nipple content, lately.

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