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Bruce [userpic]
Stuff Goes

I never made it back to Con on Sunday - simply a matter of not moving fast enough to get out of the house before it was time to work.


I didn't sleep any more, either, which added a surreal element to the evening.

bluize was bartending, and today is her birthday, so most of the crowd yesterday was there for her birthday. Which helped quite a bit, given that the Collective was almost exclusively down at the Hamptons, and the Con crowd was off at the Hyatt.

Hence the one song appearances by writenwrong and Shawn.

We had some swanhart, quite a bit of trivialt, tazja714, and Jason, and a remarkable amount of blankreloaded, who seemed to have some difficulty keeping his tongue out of princesskiti22's mouth.

Lindsay brought in a couple of friends, one of whom (Kirsten) sang quite a bit. She apparently sings mostly at the Savoy, but from the sound of it, may spend some future time here.

Roy (Sunny's friend) showed up for a bit, and put in a few songs, but left before it was his turn.

And there was also a noticeable amount of (Big Bad) John and lucydogstringer (with Jack this time).

We had two new people - Luis and Jorge. Both good singers. We'll hopefully see more of both.

Despite some indications of potential song riots, the allocation of Buffy songs went fairly smoothly. There were a couple of repeats, but we managed to space them out reasonably.

A most pleasant night. We fit in 7 rotations between about 9:00pm and 1:45am, and the bar made just under "average."

Casey tried one of his tip ploys, this time promising that I'd do the Macarena if everybody tipped me a certain amount. We didn't quite make that amount, but then, I only sang it, in the end. It meant I got to watch several other people dancing it, though - including Keri.

I drove Casey home, with a pause for some boxed Jack on the way.

My mother called during the show, to say they'd find their own way to the party today so I could sleep.

Which I did. In fact, I didn't make it to the party until 2:00pm, even though it started at noon. Many people commented that I had an excellent grasp of Indian Standard Time. It was also pointed out that I missed all the speeches, and arrived just as the buffet line was starting. Or in other words, that my timing was perfect.

I ended up saying hi to quite a few people, some of whom I knew.

The embarrassing part was discovering that today was my parents' 62nd wedding anniversary. I never had really learned when that was, ya see...

The 'rents left around 3:00pm, so I took off myself, and made my way to the Hamptons for the tail end of the weekend party. I arrived too late for the major topless sunbathing session, but at least got a nice view of candiddani...

And a very nice view it was, too.

A wonderfully relaxing time hanging out with the Collective, and then it was time to get to the bar. I've set up, found songs for timenchanter, potential songs for Keri, if she makes it, and may start looking for other potential visitors shortly. I don't have much else to do - it's just me and Timmie here, so far.

I've also put the new license plate frames on the car. Can you tell I need things to do?

Current Location: KoC
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

okay, take a deep breath, let it out, and repeat after me
All women are beautiful.
just keep saying that, and when it gets tiresome
All men are beautiful.
taking care to note as you finish that what's inside and invisible is more important and potentially far more beautiful than anything that a spy satellite might have seen


Now, try this: All people are beautiful, fascinating creatures, each of them inherently worthwhile as a person, with an intrinsic, enormous value.

All people are also objects. The attractiveness of those objects varies quite a bit both from person to person, and observer to observer. For example, as an almost painfully straight male, while I can appreciate male beauty, it does almost nothing to me compared to female beauty.

I was flashed last night by a PYT of my acquaintance. I quite enjoyed it, If she had been ugly, I would have enjoyed it less. In neither case would my opinion of her as a person change.

I'm very excited for her that she just got her BA in English, and I'm extremely fond of both her and her fiancé.

I don't base my friendships on appearance. However, whether it's fair or not, attraction - especially sexual - is a much more shallow thing. That may not be fair, or right, but it is what it is, and trying to ignore the fact because it's "not right" simply means that one is repressing a basic facet of one's self.

And repressing things like that inevitably makes them come out in much more unpleasant ways than they would have otherwise.

Re: Sigh

yes, that's valid
de gustibus non disputandem est
a phrase which grew a whole new meaning when they restored the snails and oysters scene to Spartacus.

Um brucie...who's tazja 74???? heehee :) I had a lot of fun. I know it was a slow night, but this was the frist time I had been out since February. Thanks for the fun-

tazja714 out


That was specifically my keyboard crapping out. It's wireless, and frequently drops characters if I type too fast.

All fixed now.

It was great to see ya!