Bruce (kor27) wrote,

An' A Two!

I'm not sure I properly remember enough of yesterday to make a coherent post.

Well, it's not so much that I don't remember, as that making an image out of the kaleidoscope is difficult. A very good day.

As usual, spent talking. Friday I met Charlotte and Tara in the dealer's room - yesterday they took me out to dinner. Where we found exactly how incestuous the connections are in this world.

Tara is Alex's older brother of Max & Alex, and lives with them and Ligeia. Which means she at least semi-knows timenchanter, and heartily sympathizes with supersniffles about a couple of people. And was also very glad to hear that, as of last post, kalidream seemed to be doing OK.

Back at the con, I ran into TamEva (Tommy) and his friend-whose-name-I-really-should-know-by-now, and spent quite some time talking with them, both downstairs and on the party floor.

Helped mor_riogain into her corset, right across from the charismatic Christian conference - and later at least partially massaged away the effects of said corset.

Talked to Brittany's friend Kelsey - and her family - and did my best to appropriately Ooh and Aah over Kelsey's new baby.

Hung out a bit more with Olivia, and also genuine_snark.

Bought license plate frames for the car. Drooled over a hat I can't afford (black leather with violet trim).

Spent a little time with synkitty, as she staffed the con-suite.

Watched some anime.

Said hi to raven2000 again.

Had two shots of Kübler. Lovely, lovely Kübler.

Ran into Grace and justnate, and hung out for a little bit.

Danced with a rather drunk Cindi.

Talked to thebatt and lynxcat.

All of that in no particular order.

I got home around 5:30am, and then worked on assimilating the latest disc until near 8:00am.

Then some sleep until noon. I'm doing laundry right now, because I need to go to an Indian party with the 'rents tomorrow at noon, and my kurta (at least, I think it's a kurta) needed washing.

I'm still debating going back today. If I go, I'll probably buy that hat - which I can't afford - and forgo more sleep. Given I have no time for sleep tonight, that's probably a bad thing.

But sleep deprivation and con go together so well...

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