Bruce (kor27) wrote,

And One Day Down

I got to BayCon around 4:00pm yesterday, and proceeded to the dealer's room, where I drooled over a number of items (most waaaaay beyond my reach), and generally had a good time talking to people.

Also a bit of wandering the halls, running into friends, which is mostly what I do at Con.

supersniffles and kshandra were both patrolling the place, looking for issues, so we kept on running into each other. They didn't seem to mind too much.

I ended up going to the "How to avoid a dramallama" panel, because Kirsten was going, and she mentioned gridlore was on it. I figured the sociopath's take on the subject would be both amusing and short. Which it was.

Though I was kinda miffed at one of the other panelists, who classified one of the various types as "borderline personalities" (true enough), who you could identify through that "snake oil" feel.

I didn't say anything, but excuse me? Snake oil? I'm at worst virgin olive oil.

Of course, I'm also a borderline type that tries to avoid drama...

I also went to the Meet The Guests, which was, well, more fun than usual. For one thing, they were serving a variety of cheeses, including Brie. For another, the bartender made a fairly nice Tanqueray & Tonic. And most importantly, I kept on running into people like Albert, thebatt, and Chad.

Oh, and the guests were a lot of fun, too. Especially Tim Powers.

Then off to wander the party floor. And more people. I found out that Sarah Bruce, whom I've been meeting up with at cons for years, is actually slightly older than me. Kinda liberating.

There was a certain amount of time talking to Olivia (I forget her LJ name...), and teasing Angel. A remarkably fun person to tease.

I verified, once again, that one should never accept a drink from a Klingon.

I was riding down the elevator at one point with a girl where I thought "Wow, she's really cute in that ultra-slut sort of way," wandered a bit, and found her walking with... raven2000. I can sure pick them out...

So I talked to She Who Shall Not Be Named for a little bit, and headed in a different direction as she went in search of more alcohol. Though in the interim, I managed to get someone a photo of a very nice little pseudo-lesbian kiss...

Someone set off the fire alarm at one point, and we were all sent outside. This allowed me to tease an Angel yet further, as well as talk to a couple that work at the City, and have seen timenchanter's name quite a bit. This would be far more useful info if I could remember their names...

See "Klingon," above.

And Olivia and I watched some anime until 3:00am or so, and I came home.

The new disc is now incorporated into the database, and new update sheets have been printed for tomorrow.

And now I have to decide whether to get up, or sleep some more. As I've said before, it's such a hard life...

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