Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Unusually Productive

I actually got pretty much everything done that I planned to, yesterday.

Except, of course, I still haven't done a damn thing towards updating my "parties" page.

Not that I planned all that much, but hey...

Check deposited, rapidly depleting items replenished at Costco, BayCon badge acquired, and a pleasant dinner enjoyed.

The only difficulty with the BayCon badge being that I had to run the gauntlet of friends to get in and out of the place. Much like the old days of trying to walk into the bar on a busy night, and finding that 20 minutes later you're still hugging people out front...

Only a lot less people. The con didn't really start until today, after all. But I did spend a little time with supersniffles and kshandra (and the Koosh's glorious new purpling), said hi to Albert, and got a hug in with sylvan.

Dinner was a surprisingly satisfying meal at Bennigan's, where I took advantage of their 3-course meal deal. Or it took advantage of me - hard to tell.

And from there I rolled into the bar, barely managed to set up in time, and... waited. At the beginning, it looked like it was going to be a particularly dead night, but then at 9:00pm it started to pick up. We had
1ferritgurl, up for the con, the Honey and Lauren group (which was later joined by the quite yummy tankgirl), qzar_mystik, some trivialt, and quite a few others.

bluize was bartending, so we also got moonshae, who got tipsy enough to sing several times. Heh heh - another recruit...

There was a little drama there - Wayne zoomed in for one of his little spot checks, and found Kris behind the bar, and Paula gone. Apparently the fallout was... less bad than it could have been. But later in the night there was a meeting of sorts at the end of the bar with Paula, Wayne, and Kris.

Around 10:30pm or so, the Stripes started trickling in, and things got really busy.

Well, relatively. The rotation hovered around 19 for most of the night.

And so it went. Things got fairly slow by 1:00am, so I was able to fit in a fifth and sixth round before closing down at 1:45am. 'Twas cool - it meant that hogarthhughes was able to get in three songs.

I was shut down and packed up by 2:30am, and after some gyration, ended up at beautiful Denny's.

Then home, where I was joined after a while by mor_riogain, who'd just dropped her grandparents off at the airport. I'd been promising her a decent massage for some time.

That, and talking about her potential new boyfriend, took until something like 6:00am, at which time I kinda passed out.

The plan was to be up and at the con at the stroke of noon. That's obviously not happening. The plan now is to try to get out there before the dealer's room closes. We'll see how that goes.

But whatever. It's quite likely to be a very pleasant night.

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