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Moon Phase

January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Listen Up, Vamps and Vampettes!

It took a little bit of work, but I'm now busy assimilating Sunfly Platinum 021.

Please keep the fangirl squee to a reasonable volume.

Many, many thanks to spondee for pointing out the disc!

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Do you have any idea how hard it's been to not talk about this in the near month and a half I've been trying to get it?

Re: :-D

In the 2 minutes this blog post has been up, I've already told 3 people lol



Re: :-D



Now I just have to find a time when I can come up and reap the benefits.

does this mean there's something to sing about?

There's always something to sing about.

It is so much better when someone gives you something to sing about.

Please! I need something to sing about!

Drop by my place, and I'll give you something to sing about.

I sooo need to dig up a Groucho Marx icon...

that's the most reediculous thing I've ever heard

YAAAAAAAAAY! Bow if I can only work up the courage to actually try and sing one of those songs!

on everything........
all of it.......

the rest of ya'll can sing em on another day, but sunday is mine

I suspect there may be a few more repeat songs in the near future.

OMG I just noticed it has the Sundays version of "wild horses" sweet I was totally saying we needed that!

Nice how it works out sometimes, eh?

The funny thing is I wonder if you were originally prompted by the disc, because you saw the song listing a few weeks ago...

I think looking at the song list made me think that we had it.... but apparentely we didn't, but now we do


OMG!!!! You just made this vampette oh so happy! Stan and I will be at the bar on Sunday! Now the question is should I wear tinkerbell or tinkerbell or Hello Kitty.

Oh new new nick names. Woman of tribe- me, Chief of tribe- Josh, Man of tribe- Stan

heehee me is giddy!

Thanks Brucie



I'll see you tomorrow!