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Lazy Day

Not that I exactly wanted to be lazy today.  I just couldn't get myself motivated enough to do much but snack, web-browse, and sleep.  I'm seriously thinking I should keep food out of my room, so I'm actually forced to get up and go elsewhere.

timenchanter was supervising shredding at the warehouse again, and I was planning to keep him company for at least part of the afternoon.  Noooope.  Required way too much energy, apparently.

I did manage to make it to his place by about 7:00, and helped (in a small way) with the preparation of dinner.  Then sugarbare and her older son came over, and we had a nice, low-key time.  It was good to actually spend some time with her for a change, as opposed to a quick hug and a couple of quips at the bar.

She's willing to handle the shows I'll be missing in February, so I know the bar will be in good hands (Yay!).

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