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Bruce [userpic]
Slow Down

A fairly large amount of Wednesday was spent sleeping - or something close to it.

I ordered a couple of graphic design related books, because I could.

I made some changes to my slip design, changes which I hope will be found entertaining. In the process of printing out a "test" page, I accidentally printed out 90 pages (longboring story), so I now have enough uncut slip pages for quite some time.

I finally got showered and dressed around 9:00pm, then headed out with timenchanter in search of food. It seemed like a good idea, since it was running on 24 hours since my last meal...

I happened to weigh myself before the shower, and the number displayed is the lowest I've seen in a decade or two. Most of it, I'm sure, was water weight, which really doesn't count for much, but there still is some significance in hitting a number I haven't seen in so long. It would be nice to be through this plateau.

I took us to TGI Friday's, where I introduced Timmie to the joys of deep-fried mac&cheese. I should figure out how to make that - as I've said elsewhere, it just seems that it would be very easy to improve the flavor from "delicious" to "ambrosia" by the addition of small amounts of bacon.

Then we headed to the bar, for our first experience of the Julz and Dana Wednesday karaoke show.

Not too bad. It wasn't particularly crowded (in fact, it was probably equivalent to an average Infirmary night), but the people there were having fun - and most of them were new.

Wednesday is the night they record singers, and sell the results. Harmony was taking advantage of that, so I got to talk to him for a bit. There was also a woman named Rebecca (or similar spelling) that remembered me, and that I sorta remembered. I hate it when this happens. I'll have no clue until someone points out our long and varied history, spanning years, and it'll all pop back into focus.

But not before I've managed to embarrass myself in some way.

It's especially bad when the person in question is a cute, nice, and interesting woman that really seems to like me...

She's also fen, ren, or both, which adds to the level of interest - and exponentially expands the number of ways we might have met.

They closed down at 2:00am, but then started playing back all of both Timmie's and my songs, which they'd recorded. Between that, talking with them, and talking with Paula, we didn't head home until 3:00am.

I've been doing little odd jobs here since then - the largest of which was adding a favicon to the bar website. Nothing hugely exciting.

I just finished a yummy ultra-healthy McDonald's breakfast, and will hopefully shortly be getting to sleep.

After all, it would be best to wake up before the start of the show this evening. Especially since I should drop by Baycon and get my reg packet before the show.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I wonder if you stopped sleeping so much, if you could take all that extra time and plot a world take over or something if you so desired.

Actually, I don't sleep that much. It ends up being about 8 hours, with a 3-4 hour wakefulness period in the middle.

Now, if I could just stop fruitlessly surfing the net when I'm awake...

dang aint that the truth! we are all guilty of that unfortunately! :)

It's quite honestly an addiction. I can tell when I'm desperately sifting through bookmarks, looking for a site that may have updated...

Sad, really.

OMG I remember the mac&cheese balls from Fridays....

I wanted to die......


Ah, I love them so.

Food: a friend that sticks with me through thick and, well, thicker...

add bacon!?
I almost sprayed my keyboard and monitor with something.
Which leads to the question: how can such decadent food coexist in the same posting as having a lower weight?

Interesting - bacon is a frequent additive to mac&cheese. And, quite honestly, a large number of savory flavors are enhanced by an appropriate amount of nitrate-riddle pork flesh.

I'm still upset with Red Robin for dropping their gourmet mac&cheese with bacon, feta, and crumbled croutons.

On the weight thing - while I eat quite decadently, I've found I can lose (some) weight merely by eating less often. This is, of course, the opposite of what is recommended, but it works with the fact that, for better or for worse, when I eat, I tend to gorge (even when I'm eating many meals a day).

And besides, losing weight and being more healthy are not, necessarily, the same things...


Yeah! hope to see you there :-)

Re: baycon?

I should be around most of Friday and Saturday. I'm still not sure about Sunday, and Monday will be taken up with both the evening show and a family friend's graduation party.

I was having trouble sleeping last night. Finally fell asleep just after six, but not until after I picked up on your McD's vibe. I was jonesing.

6 was just about the time I finally left the house and headed out for food...

I'm still muchly fond of the #3. Not an unreasonably large quantity of food - though it's probably an unreasonably large number of calories...