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Bruce [userpic]

Well, I was hoping to do some work on the bar website during dinner - hopefully figure out a way of handling the random image selection without driving DreamHost batty.

Except I can't, because SonicWall has apparently classified the site as "pornography."


I've put in a request for reclassification, but right now I feel like it'll be reviewed by some bluenose "Christian" that'll see that the place has an infestation of the dread 'mos, and will run screaming for her burning cross...

Current Location: Panera
Mood: annoyedannoyed

my friend Michael works at SonicWall. I'll drop him a note about it ...


teh internet sucketh

Indeed it doth.

Or at least ISPs do...

Oye...... Ya gotta love idiocy. While visiting my mom's high school, I've often found the censorship software to be mystifying. How come I can't go to Penny Arcade, but I can go to Zero Punctuation?! Certainly ZP is worse?! And for that matter, why the HELL is my G-mail Notifier able to log on and tell me I have mail, BUT can't go onto G-mail to actually READ my mail. double eww tee eff!

Heh...KoC is porn. That's kinda funny actually.....Though infuriating.