Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I kinda sorta more-or-less slept until 6:30pm yesterday.

There were moments of consciousness, but I just couldn't be bothered to get off the bed. Really - just too much trouble.

I actually hate situations like this - especially when they get worse, as they did later. Part of my brain is running around frantically trying to find some kind of stimulus - any kind of stimulus - while the rest of me is just lying there going "Meh - too much thinking."

In the meantime - I got myself up, clean, dressed, and only delayed timenchanter by 15 minutes or so in his attempt to do the same, with the result that we were only 10 minutes late to dinner with the family at the Maison du Café.

Quite a pleasant time. I hadn't seen Beth in ages, and hadn't seen Vee since, well, my birthday last year. There was the usual unfortunate inability of my dad to hear much of anything, but, well, that's what happens.

It's always odd to me, though - the Maître De at that place has a disturbingly loud voice, and enunciates extremely clearly. Yet my dad can't make out a single word he says.

My mom regifted me with the volume 1 of the Sandman collection that I gave her for Christmas. I honestly don't mind at all. They also gave me a card, and included a check with the card.

A check with too many 0s on it.

I'm a greedy bastard, so I took it. Let's just say that I'm financially independent for a little bit longer than I had thought.

But I reserve the right to feel kinda uncomfortable.

Beth and Vee, rather more appropriately, gave me a bottle of wine.

We left there about, I think, 10:00pm, and came home. Timmie shortly thereafter gathered his stuff for B2B, and headed off to wherever he's staying for the night.

And I went back to being restless. I've started quite a few videos, and finished some. I've loaded a number of websites, then headed off to other ones. It's just been, well, sorta itchy.

It doesn't help that there are a huge number of things I should be doing. But they involve minor amounts of thought, and I seem to be all out of that.

Around 2:45am I decided I wanted more food, and headed out to find it, only to discover lines most everywhere (Almost as if people were leaving bars or something). The only place that didn't have an irritatingly long wait was McDonald's, where I ordered a chicken club (remarkably tasteless), and unsweetened iced tea (which, unsurprisingly, came sweetened).

Yeah. I may just have to avoid McD's from now on. I started on the whole iced tea kick to get sugared drinks out of my diet, and they have to decide to make sweet tea their next big thing. Bastards.

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