Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Adventures in Heat

Yesterday was a fine example of what can happen when you closet yourself in a room with three computers and a television monitor, all on, then add an external heatwave.

I "slept" from something like 6:00am to 5:00pm, and woke up because some self-preserving side of my brain thought I'd survive better if I got up.

I got myself ready to go to dinner_and around 7:00pm, and, after a side-trip to pick up some needed supplies at BevMo, got there around 8:00pm. Or was that 8:30pm? Whatever.

A nice little group, including a Nate-o freshly returned from NYC, and candiddani in a summer dress. Much yumminess, there.

Too bad I wasn't completely there to enjoy it. In fact I seemed hellbent on making things worse.

When I, at least, have a headache that is at least partially caused by dehydration, alcohol is a bad idea. I tried to make do with Bleh™ that was mostly tonic, but let's face it: sugar solutions aren't a really good idea, either.

I tried napping at one point. Helped a bit.

By 10:30pm, I was pacing the backyard, trying not to throw up.

Around 11:15pm, I gave up on that idea.

And at 11:30pm, I headed home, 'cause I really wasn't adding anything positive to the party. Really.

And, through a combination of huge amounts of water, nappage, and eventually soup, I was feeling almost reasonable by 2:00am.

The rest of the morning was devoted to texting with, then (dammit) IMing with mor_riogain. Yeah, I now have IM set up (just the LJ Jabber service), after many years of resistance. I refuse to leave it running, though.

So far.

Then some sleep from 6:00am to noon, and, well, mostly playing on LJ since then. I've got some laundry going, which is a good thing.

But I really need to call my ISP, and try to shake up things about the verdammt email that still doesn't work. I've been avoiding that - phone calls really are not my favorite thing.

At least today I'm in far better physical shape. Something about not being as stupid...

Oh, and Dreamhost has borked the KoC webpage, because they just now decided that there's a problem after all this time. Oy. I've got an email in with them, but I'm going to have to try to figure out what's going on there.

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