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Monday's dinner with kshandra was, not too surprisingly, all kinds of fun. We finished up in time for me to do a quick visit to the Palo Alto Fry's for a doo-dad (one that matched the thing-a-ma-bob I was already in the process of using), then make my way to the bar for setup.

Another slow night, if marginally more profitable than Sunday. The weekend's take was about 34% down from average.

On the other hand, the extremely hawt princesskiti22 was there all night (a little confused by not hostessing). I don't think that was her original plan, but sufficient application of shots made it difficult for her to drive off.

My best friend does love me.

She picked all of my songs for the evening, and made sure they were quite entertaining. Though boy did I screw up Rapper's Delight. Still, it was fun doing it with a country accent. Three, actually...

We also had an almost complete evening of swanhart, which is always enjoyable. Though he probably should tell me "no" about more songs...

We had a number of people show up and depart, including hogarthhughes, but most didn't hang around too long. While I don't remember the exact count, we did something like 17 rotations.

I was even considering closing down around, I think, 12:30am when lucydogstringer walked in. At timenchanter's insistence, we actually ran until about 2:15am - just the four of us.

Timmie was a little too drunk to drive (not totally his fault), so we tried for dinner at IHOP, failed (they had some kind of cleanup going on), and so visited April, who gave me a free dessert for my birthday.

I apparently have the same birthday as her daughter.

Then home, where I slept until noon, was up for a few hours, then slept again - the first full sleep I've had in about a week. I was woken up at 5:30pm by Timmie, who needed to get to practice at 6:00pm - and whose equipment was in the car up at KoC...

So I got him to his car by 5:50pm or so, then, miraculously, managed to back street my way back to the Duplex by 6:20pm. I'm still surprised at that.

Then an actual shower, some room cleanup, and an attempt to contact mor_riogain - we'd been talking about hanging out. No response by the time I was ready, so I decided to head down to Oakridge, have a relaxed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, then mosey next door to see the last of the night's viewings of Speed Racer.

Neither disappointed. That movie was all kinds of cool, and all kinds of silly. And it was very, very true to its roots. It had a bit more of a cohesive plot to it than the series, but that isn't saying very much - the only series with less cohesion is Sailor Moon.

All of it in this wonderfully cheerful brightly-colored world that made the 70s love of bright polyester look drab. In a few of the city scenes, I wanted to jump through the screen and wander the streets.

The main negative is that I'm still kinda drippy. Less so than yesterday, but man is it getting old.

Like me...

As a matter of fact, I think sinus pressure is a large part of why I'm feeling like climbing back in bed. Though, given the time, that might not be the worst idea.

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