Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Another Day Older

I eventually, somewhat grudgingly, got up yesterday. Initially I was going to join kshandra for dinner, before timenchanter asserted priority. Since by the time I was ready, we were a little late for the bar, it ended up being a quick chow-down at On The Border.

Then to KoC, where I could anticipate the crowds of people that had decided to skip Thursday in order to come out and celebrate my birthday.

Um, yeah.

Another slow night. Income was about half of what I'm used to expecting for a Sunday. Kinda like last Sunday.

At this rate I'll have to get a real job...

Still, I got a nice card, several people wished me a happy birthday, I got several hours of cekyr0 and jeffercine, the rarely seen tlsthatsme came out - quite a pleasant time.

Eight rotations in all.

Timmie and I then did Denny's, where I figured out how to order something of a reasonable size for a change, then home, and eventually that "sleep" thing.

I woke up around noon, and have been toying with going back to sleep since then.

Though now it's too late, because I need to start getting ready for the one-day-delayed dinner with kshandra...

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