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Tempest in Berkeley

I went back up north, today, helped Stuart to replace the area rug in his living room, then went to the Starry Plough to see Tempest.

gidget121972's new boyfriend, Michael, is the fiddler for the band, and she was trying to get people to come up and see them.  I'm what showed up...

Which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I love celtic fusion.

If you don't know them, Tempest is one of the oldest, best established celtic fusion bands in the bay area.  They're actually reasonably mainstream for the genre - they just got back from an East Coast tour.

And they rock.  Occasionally in quite interesting ways:  I'd tentatively classify their arrangement of "Green Grow the Rushes-O" as celtic ska...

So that was a lot of fun, as was talking to the extremely attractive, interesting woman at the same table (Yay!) and her handsome, suave, British date (Boo!).

And it couldn't be complete without the Berkeley experience.  This weekend is apparently some sort of "pagan pride festival".  I'm, well, bemused at that.  I have nothing against pagans - far from it.  My present and previous best friends are both witches.  My ex-girlfriend is a... hm.  Well.  Never mind.  Rhymes don't count.  But I have a couple of problems with the whole pagan movement.  First of all, it covers a multitude of different, and frequently conflicting religions, and tries to act as if it's monolithic.  I'm sorry, but pagan really means you're checking "other" on that "Which religion do you adhere to" multiple choice questionnaire.  Second of all, it's not really what I'd call persecuted.  I support the gay pride movement because it's a continuing struggle by a minority for equal rights - rights which continue to be denied to it.  It needs festivals - it needs empowerment.

But pagans?  I'm sorry.  People might think they're weird, but at least in California, that's about as far as it's going to go.

Anyway, this apparently, somehow, was why an old bald guy with a bushy beard was dancing in a tie-dye mu-mu, and why I ended up talking to an older lady dressed as a clown.

I had a great time, and then, for some reason, driving home, everything kind of crashed down around my head.  It's just, well..
  • I still don't have the support change order from the hearing I went to early last November.  I don't know what's up with my lawyer, but I appear to be so far down his list of priorities that he won't do a damn thing.  It was a hard enough process finding this guy - I shudder to think about getting a lawyer to sue him, which may become necessary.
  • "She" and Lajosh are running berserk at my house, under the guise of "cleaning up".  stormmonkey's dog run has been torn down.  This isn't a bad thing per se, I just hope it hasn't been torn up.  They've also "repaired" the loose tiles in my front walk with what looks like bathroom caulk.  I have no idea what they're going to do next.  Or how hard it's going to be to pry them loose come June.
  • I of course continue to have no income, and worse yet shudder at the thought of the work necessary to get one.  Unmotivated is a mild term for how I feel.
  • I'm, well, lonely.  It's part of a general catch-22.  I don't feel I can really look for someone unless I get things pulled together, and I somehow doubt I'll have the motivation to pull anything together until I find someone.  And it's all so stupid.  I have so many friends, and so much support, and I still feel unloveable.  It took me 20 minutes just to get in the door of the bar Friday night, because I kept on having friends come out to say hi and talk for a bit.
Ah well.  That's my self-pity wallow for the night.  I'm going to sign off now, and go find something else unproductive to do!

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