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Bruce [userpic]
Ah Well.

Missed it by that much.

Still, all in all, a most fun evening.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: tiredtired

Happy Birthday Brucie!

Thanks much, dear!

It was nice spending some time with you Friday!

a very merry birthday to you!

And a most happy unbirthday back to you, dear!

might be young but

we should do that hanging out thing that friends normally do. YOu know....cause I'm a friend. LOL.

Re: might be young but

I completely agree, dear - and I'm sorry I ended up missing your birthday.

Of course, I spent part of last year trying to motivate you to hang out with me - with no response.

What's your schedule like?

Re: might be young but

tues and thurs always open pretty much.

Re: might be young but

Cool - my Tuesdays are open. I'll give you a buzz when I crawl out of bed Tuesday, and we can figure something out.

Happy Birfday sweetie.
see you soon

Thank you, dear - I'll look forward to it. :-)

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Haoot bday Bruce *hugs*

Thanks, Elly! How's your leg doing?

Doing well =) thanks for asking sorry for misspelling happy lol


I wondered if it was some Anglicism I'd somehow managed to not pick up...

No worries, dear - and it was really good to see you tonight!