Bruce (kor27) wrote,

This is not a funeral, with mourners in a line...

Well. What with falling back asleep, and being even slower than usual (hard to believe, I know), I didn't get to the bar last night until about 8;15pm.

This time, that meant I made some people wait. I thought I'd have to make them wait more - I had more problems with my monitor. Damn thing.

I'm beginning to suspect that my cable/connector problem had nothing to do with cables and connectors. Hopefully this will pass, but I probably need to look into a new monitor. What I'd like to do is use my laptop for the purpose, the problem being that devices of that ilk (such as the ultra-sexy Securelinx Spider) tend to cost in the $350-$400 range. Ah well.

Anyway, I made it to the bar, I did get set up, I was even more glad than usual that the lovely princesskiti22 was hostessing, since I didn't have to use my voice too much, and I survived the evening.

Even did a pretty good job. Heck, I sang every round, and even did a few of those songs well.

Otherwise, I tried not to breathe on people too heavily.

It was, for whatever reason (plague warning comes to mind) a pretty slow night. After costs (especially me), Paula lost money. This will hopefully not be a trend.

But those of us there had a pretty good time. We had a near full evening of the elusive mvmedic, a lot of the ever-so-sexy candiddani, quite a lot of the sexy-but-really-not-my-type jorgitoelcubano, and a similar amount of the seriously-I've-run-out-of-adjectives (but most appreciated) swanhart.

And quite a few others. Well, OK, a few others - "quite" may not be deserved, there. It was an 8 rotation night.

Julz and Dana came in towards the end of the night. I think I managed to alienate them a little bit, but whatever. I'll hopefully be in better communications shape tonight.

I was shut down, and we all parted ways, at about 2:45am. I braved the Mini again, because they have soup. That helped me feel much better. Then home, and oblivion. I haven't slept as much as I'd like, but probably as much as I'm gonna manage. I'm going to be at the bar at opening tonight, to run a cable to the new flatscreen over the fireplace, as well as place a few homemade ground loop filters here and there.

I'm going to get rid of that damned interference!

Plus, for some reason, the baseband out of the DVD player keeps reverting to B&W. I'm not used to it doing it so constantly, but I had to keep switching it off and on last night just to return color to the flatscreen display.

This means I need to get up soon, and start shopping for parts.

I'm pretty much on track with the disease thing. I'm still coughing and sniffling today, but it's just that usual phlegm production in overdrive thing. I'll be doing that for a while.

But at least it means that I most likely wasn't contagious last night. Of course that doesn't mean anyone's safe - I got it from somewhere, so it's floating around the community, and will likely hit everyone eventually.

Have a good day!

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