Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night passed pretty much as predicted. I had a reasonably nice dinner at Panera, bought some snacks for later at Cost Plus (Why, oh why do I keep buying Petit Écoliers? There's so much paraffin in the chocolate that it's more like eating a candle than a chocolate covered cookie), then came home and did the whole "vegetate and try to heal" thing.

Along with the later "not being able to lie down" thing. So, um, not a lot of sleep have I.

This thing is, at least, fading pretty rapidly - I'll likely be symptom-free by Saturday. Right now, though, it's at that wonderful "head full of concrete, stomach full of lead" stage that I love so much.

At least I no longer have to cough to clear my lungs every minute and a half...

So, anyway, what with all that, I am getting better, and I will be at the bar tonight. Possibly with my kettle and supply of tea, and probably not being incredibly social (dunno how infectious I am - though probably less than before the symptoms appeared), but I'll be doing my job.

Or in other words: "I.. I... am still... emper... or..."

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