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Bruce [userpic]
I'm Getting Better...

Not a huge amount to say. I got to sleep at something like 6:00am, and didn't wake up until 2:00pm. My coughs are productive now, so at least I'm not going into huge hacking fits any more.

Though it is, as always, quite a shock finding out how much phlegm a body can produce. Woo.

Otherwise, just low-key stuff - reading online hentai and upgrading the XP machines to SP3.

And taking a shower. After yesterday, that felt like the height of luxury.

So I'll be skipping dinner_and, and I think I may be braving the outside world in order to get something at Panera.

As a bit of an aside, I've always found it fascinating how things taste differently, depending on how much the body needs them. Part of my daily regimen involves a 500mg chewable vitamin C tablet. Its taste is normally, well, OK. I mean - it's vitamin C. That tastes pretty good.

Today it was pure golden ambrosia.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: sicksick

hey are you going to baycon this year? and can I go with you?

Well, at least when I can - I'm doing a show Sunday night, and I haven't decided if I'm blowing off my parents on Saturday, but yeah, I've already bought my membership.

And sure - it would be nice to see ya!

It's 20 to get in just s single night right? give me a call about it 849 3363

A couple of my friends and I are going as lesbian pirates, it should be fun. We just need to get our costuming together.

That does sound like a cute costume idea - I just sent you a text with some info I managed to dig up. Let me know if you got it...