Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Sick Puppy

Last night I got dinner, and my cables, and arrived at the bar just a little before 8:00pm, somewhat with the hopes that Murphy would have provided me with a large group of impatiently waiting singers.

No such luck.

I was largely ready to go by 8:30pm, when swanhart showed up. Still, we were just talking and watching videos when Julz (the other white KJ) showed up, to see what my show was like.

So I started up. It was a reasonably busy night for a Monday, which is to say, not incredibly. But Arthur came and sang all night, a tranny named Cheri did the same (She's sung at least once before) (Actually, Cheri spent the night at least semi-successfully hitting on Julz. It was cute. And mildly odd). We had much supersniffles, much synkitty, a bit of lucydogstringer (with Little Man this time) and a cast of, well, a couple of people I'm not thinking of right now.

Including Nikki, who I've been actively trying not to think about. Nikki looks like a TV, and apparently is a TS. And spent the end of the night complaining about how much she needed to get laid. I'm probably not saying this right, because it's hard to completely convey how creepy she felt to me. Her standing in front of the mirrors at the end of the night while flipping up her skirt might give one a bit of a concept...

The rotation hung around 9 people for most of the night, and we did 11 rotations before closing off at 1:50am.

Then we all went our separate ways, which in my case meant the Mini, largely because they have soup.

Because by that point, I couldn't deny that I was coming down with something. This rather explains my lack of brain on Sunday. So if I've talked to you in the last few days, I may have given you something. Um, sorry?

I'm taking major amounts of the elderberry stuff, which means it either simply doesn't work (damn you, limited placebo effect!), doesn't work on this (it's only been tested with Influenza), or is actively preventing me from dieing a gruesome snotty death. Whatever, it shouldn't hurt anything too badly.

So most of today's activity consisted of moving through the scratchy phase and into the snotty one. Fun! If this doesn't clear up considerably by tomorrow night, I'm going to have to skip dinner_and for the first time in ages. I'll do the show Thursday, but if I'm not much better I'll be doing it inside a locked booth...

I did look at the website, and the "parties" page I need to finish up, and did what any standard dork would do: I created a favicon for the site. If you don't know what that is, try to see what's different...

And that's about it. I've finished munching on some delicious delivery Hawaiian pizza, am about to make myself another mug of ginger tea, and am mostly scanning through random webcomics. Apart from the eating in and the physically ill bits, it's rather like a normal Tuesday.

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