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I eventually slept, yesterday, if not for a huge length of time. Then the usual getting myself active, having dinner (On The Border with timenchanter), and setup at the bar.

With the slight complication that I couldn't get my monitor to work. It looked like a cable problem, so I jetted off to Fry's to buy a new cable (Actually, two: One DVI and one VGA, in case the DVI didn't work). Of course, Fry's closes early on Sunday.

So then home to pick up my old monitor - which fortunately worked. But somehow all that rushing around, followed by getting back to the bar just before 8:00pm, really frazzled me. Actually, that became a theme for last night: I was not in the best of forms.

I mean, things mostly went OK, but the sound adjustment could have been better, I could have checked the numbers on more slips, I could have transcribed numbers better, etc, etc.

And lets not go into the screwed-up lyrics when I was singing...

I suppose I can blame it on princesskiti22 bringing in her former roommate Justin, who she thinks of as too similar to me for us to meet. Of course, since I was running around completely out of it, trying to get everything started and going, I never really got to meet meet him. But now I know what he looks like.

Still, a very fun group. We even got an hour or so of cekyr0 and jeffercine in there.

And a wonderful visit from the very sexy hektikat.

Though the bar didn't exactly make a huge amount of money, we had a fairly robust rotation until around midnight (around 16 people). Then it fairly rapidly devolved to myself, Timmie, Keri, supersniffles, and snafflekid.

So I closed down at about 1:50am, at the end of the 11th rotation. What with more of the whole "out of it" thing, shutdown wasn't finished until about 2:30am, and then we all, minus Keri (who keeps on blowing us off based on some weak "having school in the morning" thing) took off to IHOP.

We had fun without her anyway.

I think that broke up around 4:00am, and we all went home. I went to sleep "almost immediately," which at my speeds means "around 6:30am." And now I've been up for a bit, and need to get clean, fed, and to Fry's.

The response to the website updates so far have been rather positive (of course, I am asking friends...). Though the "site looks great - do you have such-and-such a song?" comment was... bemusing...

I almost forgot - tips were in general not too great last night, but one of them was a $50 gift certificate to Eulipia, which Keri and I will have to redeem shortly. I haven't been there in quite some time, and she hasn't at all. We just have to find an evening that we both can make - and then I'll have to see if I can fight my natural tendency to wear my "I only date crackwhores" shirt...

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