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I did, eventually, get to sleep after my last post - but not before printing out and stapling the latest update sheets. I was concerned that even though I had a couple of days, I'd probably forget to do it before the Sunday show.

Because I would. A lot of the weirdness in my life has to do with the simple fact that if I don't do something when I'm thinking about it, I may not even think about it again for months.

In any case, I got a good 6 hours of sleep in before getting up, and roughly crawling my way towards visiting my parents.

The "crawling" part meant that I didn't get there until 6:00pm. But still, I got a couple of jobs done, and we had a nice dinner. There was a certain amount of after-dinner drama...

Some basic background: My dad is largely deaf, with about 75% hearing loss. When in a battle in WWII, he made the mistake of looking out of a foxhole at the wrong time - specifically, the time when a shell hit nearby. He was lucky enough to escape the shrapnel, but the concussion knocked him out and broke both eardrums.

So even with hearing aids, he no hear so good.

He also doesn't deal well with contradiction. He doesn't get violent, but he does get angry - and I find anger and conflict near physically painful.

So, for some odd reason, whenever I'm about to say something that I think might set him off, I get very quiet, and my lips don't move much. It's kind of automatic. Hell, I do it with everyone - and fortunately, I do it far less than I used to.

I forget the subject, but this happened last night - and I got one of the tearful pleas to please, please speak up. These happen periodically, and I can't blame him. I also can't begin to explain why I'm that way, because, well, he wouldn't particularly believe me. He's somehow rather blind to a few aspects of his personality.

Not a comfortable time. Also odd, since as far as I could tell, for most of the conversation, I was by far the loudest of the three of us...

In any case, that eventually defused, and I got back home around 11:00pm or so. I've managed to get a little bit more done on the website - mostly picture selection. Take a look: You might be there. Let me know what you think, positive or negative.

I've also finally done some laundry (I had one pair of underwear left).

I haven't done too much for the last couple of hours, so hopefully I'll either get back to work, or climb into bed. Time will tell.

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